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articles > How to Set Up Your Own Lead Generation System
Article > How to Set Up Your Own Lead Generation System

Article kindly supplied by

Richard Shepherd


If you are into the lease option investment game seriously you need to establish an effective lead generation system to connect you with motivated sellers who would benefit from selling their house quickly or who would like the flexibility that lease options offer over the traditional forms of trade through estate agents.

To establish a successful lead generation system you must first know your business and the benefits that lease options have to offer to seller. You must be able to confidently and efficiently explain the principles of lease options in simple terms so as not to confuse potential sellers. Additionally you must know the contract you will be handing over inside and out, and be able to answer any technical questions without delay. Attaining the sellers trust and confidence in you is perhaps the most important part of your job. No matter how many prospective sellers you may be able to find, they will be useless unless you can satisfy their needs and worries.

Once you know your business, you have to get your message out there. Remember what type of sellers you are specifically looking for and address the issues they have in your message. Stress that negative equity is not a problem; that you are willing to take on doer-upper properties; and that their mortgage payments will be taken off their hands so that they can move onto another property sooner rather than later.

There are countless channels through which you can advertise your property, but I will highlight the three main ones that generate the most sellers. But before you get carried away getting your message out there your best bet is getting one means of advertisement established effectively before you go onto different avenues.

The first method of lead generation is through local newspapers. You should advertise over a long period of time to bring your unit costs down; the longer you advertise the cheaper it will be. Furthermore, the longer your message is there the more chance a motivated seller is to respond to it. You can choose between lineage (or classified) ads or display (or box) ads. While display ads cost a little more they generally produce the same amount of responses as lineage, but test this in your own area. You can pay for a little blank white space surrounding your add to make it really stand out. The message you use should be direct and simple, such as “I’ll Buy Your House. Confidentiality Guaranteed. Call…” Certainty is the main emotion expressed in this message and, while it is short and not descriptive, it will be enough to arouse the interest of motivated sellers.

The second method of lead generation is leafleting. Find an area and stick to it with this method, it is better to concentrate on one area than intermittently leafleting a large area. Leaflet an area every 4-6 weeks regularly. While the first few times may not generate much interest, over time people will begin to take interest in a leaflet which they ignored before. It is a good idea to use handwritten leaflets to make them stand out. Keep the message displayed simple but highlight the 4 or 5 main things you are offering. While leaflets may not instant prove very effective in the short term, keep at it and it will pay off.

The third area which you can generate leads is the internet. This area is far too vast to summarise neatly, but your aim will be to establish a website where motivated sellers can leave their information; the key is to drive as much traffic to this site as possible. Advertising using pay per click on search engines such as Google obviously provide the best results. However, there are many different techniques you can adopt to increase the traffic to your site such as search engine optimisation, social media, and online articles.

It is important to remember when you come to lead generation that there is no single method which will work for everyone. The key to is trial and error; find the specific method that works in your area and concentrate on that first to get a foothold, then expand your system with different methods.

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Richard Shepherd

Richard Shepherd

You've GOT to watch this!!!

It's not a sales video!

You may have thought that No Money Down was dead &
buried but this HARD-HITTING and at times uncomfortable
video DISPUTES all that.

I'm pretty sure this is going to create a BIG STIR around the UK property investment community.

This video is just 27 minutes long and to be honest, most people we speak to are sitting down to watch it with a cup of coffee!


It's only going to be up for a few days (and these guys are well known for taking their BEST SELLERS off the market before) so watch it now!



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