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Article > Day to Day Marketing

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Article kindly supplied by Raymond Moore
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If you want to source your own properties, you need to market yourself and your services. You cant expect a flood of would be home sellers to bang on your door or your phone to ring red hot without you letting your intended audience know of your existance. Here is list of marketing essentials and a few tricks you may not have thought of.



  • Must be eye catching, not too technical and highly targeted
  • Must emphasis the benefits of the customer doing business with you
  • Need to be a solution offerer rather than a technical what you do
Public Relations
  • A free method of marketing that can generate massive opportunities in the long term
  • Two routes – produced for the Media or the Trade
  • Ensure that the article is written in a specific way for the publication and the target audience

Promotional Materials

  • Design to stimulate a customer to take action towards a buying or selling decision
  • Contests, coupons, sampling,….


  • Expensive and must be highly targeted

Sales Lead Generation

  • Reactive (Ads in papers, Yellow Pages) waiting for the telephone to ring or Pro-active (Contacting people) getting leads for buyers now, in the future, don’t yet know or not interested
  • Store leads in a database for following up with specific dates and number of follow ups


  • Either cold calling or through a call centre
  • Estate Agents, Auction Houses, Solicitors, etc. contacted informing them that people in financial trouble with their mortgage could be helped by calling you

Market Research

  • Primary (Originated by you) or Secondary (Already exists)
  • Research to find out when a person is likely to move – enter info in a database


  • Always print on good quality paper/card - approx 280gsm – double sided in colour
  • Leave one in restroom, counter. café table, shop. changing room. etc.
    When using a delivery drop ensure target area and type of property required


  • Suitable for large leaflet drops, putting inside newspapers
  • Pin up in supermarkets, newsagents, dentists, doctors, anywhere there is a notice board

Double Estate Agents Boards

  • Put a leaflet through the door. If no response, then write stressing interest in purchasing at the right price very quickly

Empty Properties

  • Already moved or some event rendered place unoccupied
  • Find out owner (via Land Registry?) and who has responsibility for selling the place
Finders Fees
  • Use professionals and others found through classified ads, property papers, etc.


  • Put out a message that you are looking for a certain type of property in specified area

Estate Agents
  • Make contact, establish rapport and let them know that you buy properties at the right price.
  • Let them know that you are a Broken Chain Angel

Letting Agents

  • Make contact, establish rapport and let them know that you buy properties at the right price.
  • Let them think that your Buy To Let properties will be let through them


  • Very useful
  • Will meet likeminded persons who can give free advice
  • May find deals, speciality funders, legal advice, etc for the price of a drink


  • Watch for properties that nobody wants and remain unsold

For Sale by Owner

  • Where the owner has put up his/her own board/notice take note of phone number, if not given then put leaflet through door

Knocking on Doors

  • Not indiscriminately but using local knowledge to see if you can help someone who really needs help to sell e.g. divorcing, upsizing, property run down, etc.

Professionals & Others

  • Legal, financial, valuation, insurance, etc. are a wonderful source of knowledge of properties needing repair, a sale or client in trouble
  • Probate – Solicitors & Funeral Directors, Newspapers (funeral directories) (deaths)
  • Divorce – Solicitors
  • Dating Agencies
  • Citizens Advice Bureau (often funded by local businesses – offer Finders Fee)
  • Put their mind at rest that you fully appreciate their client confidentiality by getting them to pass your details on to their client in trouble.


  • Simple, direct info stating area interest in

Online Marketing

  • Best for property advertising is pay per click
  • Use email marketing for visitors to the site to opt-in for information


  • Look for property for sale in the classified ads
  • Target landlords who are tight for cash or fed up and want to sell their portfolio possibly including tenants
  • Look on the web and local papers for property that has not sold for 4 months or more
  • Contact local deliverymen, gardeners, postmen, etc. for a finders fee


  • Always refer back to the plan and compare with results achieved
  • Assess what did work and what did not and why it didn’t
  • Give the did-nots further trials with a tweak or two each time


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