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articles > Are you a LHA Expert?
Article > Are you a LHA Expert?!

Article kindly supplied by John Paul
Suite 1, Easington Business Centre,
Seaside Lane, Easington, Durham, SR8 3LJ



Are you a LHA Expert? Well I am!

I hate using the word expert, as it tends to mean you know everything about your chosen subject and we are always learning and trying to improve ourselves as people and businessmen. The reason I get called the expert, I think, is that what I do works and I regularly take on the Local council and their decisions and win.

My name is John Paul and I own the Castledene Group, which is a property based group of companies in the North East of England. Our property management company looks after over 600 properties and we are pleased to announce that we have recently agreed to purchase another letting agent that manages a further 400 properties. We should be completing the deal very soon. Within our original 600 properties we have 550 that are DSS tenants and therefore LHA. We get paid directly for 97.5% of these tenants, which is unheard of. Most letting agents are happy when they can get paid direct for one or two. We get upset if one or two tenants get paid directly.

What we do works, its as simple as that, its not just getting paid direct from the councils that we are proud of, there is so much more to understanding LHA, it’s a very complicated topic.

We regularly get paid in or around 4 weeks and have even been paid within 10 days before. We have tackled the council on issues such as overpayments and who to pursue for those overpayments, we can also get the tenant paid on two properties if they leave to go to another landlord, basically we leave no stone unturned when it comes to LHA.


Why write this book

last year I started to do a lot of networking around the country and I was amazed when I talked to landlords to discover that they were all having problems with LHA tenants or they just didn’t touch them at all. The main reason was that they didn’t understand the system.

As with all things we don’t understand it always becomes less daunting when it is explained to us, so that is what I did. I sat down with some of these landlords and explained how to get paid direct and quickly, and other tips and tricks we use everyday in our business.

I could see some of them just blankly staring at me as they simply didn’t understand what I was saying. They kept saying it’s impossible to get paid direct, I’m still waiting for payment after the tenant has been in for 4 months, all these excuses kept coming up.

After I explained the benefits of LHA tenant, such as huge cash flow, endless supply of tenants and ease of use (once you understand the system) they all seemed to be that little bit keener to learn and understand LHA.

Word obviously got around through the internet forums and networking events that I knew what I was talking about regarding LHA. I was asked to write articles for Your Property Network Magazine, as well as

I was having at least 10 – 15 people phone or e-mail me on a weekly basis with their LHA problems and I simply didn’t have the time to answer all their queries. So it seemed a natural progression to write an e-book on LHA.

Within the e-book I have explained what we do and how we tackle the common problems associated with LHA such as:-

• How low can a claimants income be
• Getting Paid direct
• Get paid within 14 days
• Tackling overpayments
• Being paid direct after 4 weeks NOT 8 weeks
• Backdating
• Claim HB on two homes

By understanding all these points it may even change your property investing strategy, it certainly has with me and quite a few of my investors have also changed their investment tactics

As long as your reasonably organised and understand the e-book, LHA can be a great strategy to use and very profitable. Within 3 years of property investing and using the LHA strategy I was financially free, I could pack In my job and NEVER work again. But I’m not like that, I wanted to build my Business and pass on my knowledge to other people.

If you want to know more about LHA or make the system work for you rather than you working for the system, visit



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