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Article - Learn How To Survive, Thrive And Profit In Property

Article kindly provided by Reena Malra

Reena Malra has said that she always hears this statement whenever she talks with other property investors: "It’s easy to do what you do when you have been doing it as long as you have been" and Reena is aware that they're right, but for her, it didn't start that way!

Reena, just like many other aspiring property investors, had to face challenges and obstacles that stalled her investment career, but she didn’t give up, and she is now among the most successful property investors and educators in the UK. Reena now looks to instil the same attitude and determination in her student’s and it works with many of her students generating some amazing results.

If you want proof of how successful property investing can be and if you want to be one of the Winners in 2013/14 and beyond, then the “Lease Options Vs Instalment Contracts Secrets Revealed” on 24th September at London Heathrow is a must attend event for you!

Reena will inspire attendees by revealing the secret behind successfully using Lease Options to generate income without owning property and introduce some of her most successful students who are making a BIG splash with cutting edge property investment strategies. Where else can you learn how to use a single property investment strategy to make a 5 figure monthly income from the UK property market…

• WITHOUT having to take out a mortgage
• WITHOUT needing to pay any kind of deposit
• WITHOUT having to borrow any money, and…
• WITHOUT the need for even a simple credit check?

Lease Options Vs Instalment Contracts Secrets Revealed” on 24th September at London Heathrow

Reena will also share the ups & downs of her personal property investment journey and reveal some of the secrets of effective property investing using lease options to produce enough income to allow people to quit their J.O.B and achieve Total Financial Freedom! Leaving your wealth future up to your boss or some "Wealth Planner" will mean a lifetime of worry and insecurity for those property investors to afraid to take action!

If you would like to have the ability to make as much money as you would like, then you need to attend the “Lease Options Vs Instalment Contracts Secrets Revealed” on 24th September at London Heathrow.

Property is a true goldmine for educated property investors, no other investment vehicle has created so many millionaires in the World! However, not all of the strategies used in property investing are as profitable as the ones that Reena will be disclosing to a select number of delegates on September 24th! Come to this incredible event and learn the secrets behind some of the most profitable property investing strategies for decades! Property markets have changed and many of the old formulas that investors used to make real money from are now no longer working! Reena commented “You have to learn to be nimble and adapt to changing markets, and the Lease Options Vs Instalment Contracts Secrets Revealed event on 24th September will show you how to profit no matter if your local market is up, down or sideways. Learn secrets behind effective use of property investment techniques that if used correctly, will guarantee your property investment success”.

Take advantage of these powerful property investment strategies and dominate your marketplace! Learn How To Buy Without Banks And Become An Ultimate Buying & Selling Machine"...with No Cash, Rating, or Experience! Think you have to qualify for a Mortgage? Worried that you may not pass a credit check? Think again! Are you tired of buying properties the conventional way, qualifying for loans and renting to deadbeat tenants?

• Do you want to make cash right now from property without waiting for capital appreciation?
• Are you looking for NEW ways to profit from a rising UK property market?
• Do you need a game plan to jump-start your property investment business?

If you answered "yes," to any of these questions, this event is for you!

Buying a property or getting a mortgage with bad credit can be a nightmare and could halt your property investment dreams in an instant. There is a realistic alternative, a property lease option or instalment contract could be the answer to opening the doors to success.
Some of Reena’s most successful students started off on a shoestring budget but Reena showed them how to invest in very high quality property with very little money or less than a perfect credit rating.

Successful property investors need to have the desire for success, be knowledgeable on a range of property investment strategies, keep up to date with their personal property investment education, and make use of a team of expert property investors and property professionals backing them up.

• Are you looking to get out of the grind and enjoy life?
• Take some time off to perfect your golf swing?
• Spend more time with your kids or grandchildren?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you owe it to yourself to spend time educating yourself how to achieve wealth freedom. Your parents may have told you "watch out who you hang out with". Well, in some sense, they were right, particularly when it comes to wealth success. Who you surround yourself with in business will generally determine how much you make. To increase your business and your income, you need to be exposed to the type of people who think and act the way in which you need to think. It’s a lot easier to sit there and not do anything than it is to get up and take some positive action to make something's change around you!

Reena Malra is also known as the “Queen Of Options” mainly because one of her passions is building her property business around creative property strategies such as Property Lease Options. Reena, a single mum of 2, was made redundant in 2009, and having dabbled whilst in employment, realised that property presented the best chance to build a better future for herself and her family, and live the kind of lifestyle that she really wanted. Within just a few months, she was making more money than in the old job, and by 2010, was pulling in 5-figures a month with a variety of creative property deals.

Today, Reena is living the kind of life that she could only dream about just a few short years ago and now she would like to show YOU how to do exactly the same thing & help you start making a 5-figure residual income each & every month.



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