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This article is kindly provided by Mike Clarke

Are You Taking Action?

With a general lack of housing stock, rising UK residential property prices and strong tenant demand for rental properties generating decent rental yields, there really is no better time to get into UK property investment!

Property investors are the driving force in the UK property market right now, slowly but steadily driving up the capital appreciation in property, as first time buyers (FTB’s) are still struggling to finance property purchases despite the Government “Funding for Lending” (FLS), incentive designed to allow more people to get on to the housing ladder.

The biggest hurdle in the UK residential property market remains the lack of high Loan-To-Value (LTV) mortgage products, as lenders demand that all residential property purchasers put down between 25 – 30% of the property’s surveyed value as the deposit.

The Government Funding For Lending scheme has already enabled a proportion of frustrated First Time Buyers who had enough savings to afford the deposit, to enter the market, but recent data released by the UK Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) does suggest that there is a great deal of scope for more to be done to boost mortgage lending, however this revelation still doesn’t seem to sit well with many of the UK’s biggest banks and mortgage lenders, who are vehemently digging in their heels to avoid further market exposure.

Since the 2008 property crash, where banks and mortgage lenders discovered that they held a high proportion of “toxic” sub-prime mortgages that were not worth the paper they were written on, undermining the apparent stranglehold on the global property market that they thought they held. Mainstream banks and mortgage lenders have been extremely reluctant to lend to anyone, and even five years on, caution remains. The up-shot of this, is that there are even more opportunities for property investors to snap up property bargains, if they are able to obtain finance and they know where to look.

Every day my mailbox is filled with discounted property offers and ready-made deal packages that are suitable for property investors to cash in on and these property deals really move fast. The opportunities that exist in the UK property market are abundant, but the general consensus of opinion from the general public is so down-beat that it is only savvy property investors that are taking action, and these people are the main driving force in the UK property market right now. So, let me ask a question…

What is stopping you from taking action?

• Lack of Finance
• Don’t know where to find good property deals
• Unsure how the UK property market will perform
• Lack of Time
• Lack of Resources
• Not built your Power Team yet

Are you aware that all the reasons stated above are just excuses, a smoke screen for lack of faith in your own abilities, they are not deciding factors, you just think they are.

There are new investors entering the property market every day, people who have taken action and who have already invested in their own future because they have decided to get educated to the opportunities that are out there and have sought out the best training courses available to teach them the skills that they lack. These property investors really are at the cutting edge when it comes to doing property deals, as new investment strategies are discovered and utilised by very successful property investors, who in turn are prepared to pass on what they have learned to others. This has lead to the development and widespread use of many different strategies to own or control property in order to profit, including; converting suitable rental properties into Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO’s), sourcing Below Market Value (BMV), controlling property using Lease Options (LO) and purchasing property whilst Joint Venturing (JV) with other people.

So, what can you do to ensure that you don’t get left behind?

• Get Educated – Enrol on a course to teach you the latest property investment and controlling strategies

• Network with experienced investors, meet like minded people and develop business relationships with successful investors at Property Networking Events across the UK. The most reliable hand checked list can be found right here on this site so bookmark the following page -!

• Join a property investment forum – PIN Academy, Property Tribes, Progressive etc
Get FREE entry to a pin meeting near you! If you have never been to a pin meeting before, just quote MPPT to get your ticket for FREE

• Search for property deals offered by property sourcing companies

• Get on property investment resource websites mailing lists

• Talk to your local estate agent

• Surround yourself with people who understand what you aim to achieve

• Build your power team

• Source funding through professional Buy-To-Let mortgage brokers or bridging finance companies

• Joint Venture with other experienced investors.

• Take action!

There really isn’t going to be a better time to invest in the UK property market for at least 10 - 12 years as the property cycle continues to progress and property prices increase slowly and steadily. What are you waiting for?!

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About the Author

Mike Clarke

Mike is the director of MyProperty He has been investing since 2004 and owns property across the North West and the North East

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