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articles > Become Financially Free in 2011 through HMO Property Investment
Articles > Become Financially Free in 2011 through HMO Property Investment

Article kindly supplied by Matthew Moody

If you want to leave your job, improve your cashflow or just be comfortable knowing that every month you’ll be making a ton more money than ANY other property strategy out there, then follow my simple plan and start making money the smart way.


1) Determine how much money you need to cover all of your living expenses and any other luxuries you must have!


2) Divide this number by £500 as this is the gross cashflow amount you will make per month per house. Rather than worrying about how many £50 cashflow properties you can get – focus on the big numbers. Add another £500 to this figure for voids/maintenance and you have your target number of properties.


3) Search for people looking for rooms in your area (I’d suggest 30-40 people minimum) and the rent they are willing to pay. Post your own test advert with doubles at £400 pcm (trust me you will get this rent nationwide outside London). If you get more than 3 responses in a week, go to Step 4. Otherwise, try again in a few weeks or try another area.


4) Source 3-5 bed properties that will allow you to rent 4 to 6 rooms. Avoid 3-stories for your first HMO as there is more work involved. Get at least 35% discount if you wish to put NO money in as maximum LTV is 70% as of 04.11.10. Aim to have more doubles than singles or the figures won’t work.

Start advertising the property 2 weeks before you complete. Furnish with high-quality wooden furniture (try for great deals), top-quality appliances and faux-leather sofas and LCD TV’s for the lounge.


6) Start moving tenants in. Your aim is to have the first two cover your mortgage, the next two cover your bills and the remainder is gross cashflow. This means that even if you have 80% occupancy, you won’t lose money (unlike other property strategies where voids are a direct hit to your bottom line). Your aim is to maintain 90%+ occupancy in order to generate £500+ pcm.


7) Once your first HMO is full; move onto your second HMO. Timelines should be one HMO every 60-90 days or possibly less if you are already a full-time property investor.


If you are unsure of doing this alone, team up with a friend and do it together!



Matthew Moody HMO Profits Intensive

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Here is a great resource to help you learn about HMO's iIf you are a Beginner – Intermediate (you have some idea about HMO’s, are slightly jealous and want to dip your toes in):

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Matthew Moody


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Rachel Clarke & Matthew Moody at Simon Zutshi's PIN Christmas Dinner 2010

About The Author:

Matthew Moody is one of the UK’s top HMO experts and the founder of a website dedicated to providing property investors with free information about investing in high quality professional HMO’s.
He runs regular workshops and speaks at events around the country.
He also runs a HMO management agency with offices in Northampton, Leeds, Lincoln, Hemel Hempstead and Colchester together with a property sourcing and education business, and a furniture package supplier.
For more details, please contact Matthew on 01933 460270/01604 521301 or

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