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Article > Is your home Insurance Ready for the winter chill?

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Castle Cover Home Insurance

With winter well on its way, all homeowners should make sure that their properties are covered by home insurance before the changing weather conditions cause any problems. Obtaining home insurance from a reputable provider such as Castle Cover is not enough, homeowners must also make sure that their policy is sufficient to cover any losses that they may incur.

Home insurance, although important at any time of year, is particularly essential during the winter months. The darker evenings and increased number of hours without sunlight make many properties more attractive to burglars. Add this to the likelihood that many households will have expensive Christmas gifts stored in the home and it becomes obvious why it is so important to have home insurance that will cover any losses that occur due to the actions of burglars. Homeowners should make sure that their policy will cover the items that they have in their home to avoid disappointment.

Of course, the largest threat to homes during the winter months are the adverse weather conditions that can be expected. Simple cold can cause water pipes to freeze and burst, resulting in a deluge of water into the property and damage to both the furnishings and structure of the home. Strong winds and heavy rain can lift slates or tiles, allowing rain into the home. These winds can also break branches off trees, smashing windows or even caving in a roof. Blocked gutters can cause overflow and icicle formation resulting in excess weight that can bring down the guttering.

In order to adequately protect their properties homeowners should take precautions to minimise the effect of winter weather on their homes. They should ensure that gutters are not blocked by debris or leaves, trim the branches of trees that are close to the property, check that the pipes and boilers are well-insulated and inspect their roofs for any slipped or loose tiles and slates.

If leaving the home for a period of time, they should leave the heating on at a low level to prevent the pipes from freezing in a sudden cold snap. They should also protect their homes against burglary with the locks and other provisions that are specified in their home insurance policies. Motion-sensitive lights on the exterior of the property can also help to ward off burglars who may be looking for an easy target.

It is particularly important for homeowners to make sure that the policy they hold is of a high enough value to cover their property. Many homeowners simply renew their policies every year without making sure that the policy is still sufficient to cover the value of their home. Homeowners often arrange improvements to their property during the spring and summer, and may forget to alter their insurance policy to take account of new additions. A conservatory or extension, as well as the furnishings that are placed within them, can vastly increase the value of a property, and homeowners that forget to inform their insurance companies of such changes can run the risk of being underinsured.



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