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Article > The HMO Mystery - Why should the landlord be stuck with paying utility bills?

Arsh Ellahi - The HMO Mystery

Article kindly supplied by Arsh Ellahi

My property companies are businesses, therefore the more cash flow I can extract from a property, the more profit my company makes, simple. Landlords who share this vision often ask me how I manage to get my tenants to pay the utilities bills within my HMO’s (House of Multiple Occupancy) The answer is a straight forward one that will be the focus on my forthcoming hands-on course.

As a landlord who deals solely with LHA/DSS tenants, I believe that providing you structure your property correctly from day 1, there is no need for you to have any financial liability to the property other than to service the communal lighting and fire alarms. The rest of the bills are completely paid by the tenants. These bills include :

  • Council Tax
  • Water Rates
  • Electricity
  • Gas (where it applies)

This model has been working successfully for me for many years. Up until recently, I assumed other people in my position practised a similar common sense approach to managing their properties, however, the more people that ask about what I do, the more I realised how much of a rare breed of a landlord I actually am.

With over 500 tenants all on benefits, I refuse to accept direct payment for any of them. Yes that’s right, all my tenants get paid directly! This may come as a shock to many readers but I am possibly one of the only landlords operating on a large scale who can boast a 100% rent collection record along with a 98% occupancy rate.

The secrets are all within the systems you operate and that is what makes my business the thriving success it is today.

I will be sharing my secrets about how I structure my HMO’s on Saturday 20 April 2013 at my offices in Wolverhampton. The course will entail a detailed breakdown of what makes my business successful and how this can benefit you; a tour around 4 high cash flowing HMO’s where all bills are paid by the tenants. The 4 HMO’s combined generate approximately £200,000 in rental income.

You can find further information about this course from the events page on my website :

Educate yourself and increase your income today!

Kind regards.

Arsh Ellahi

T: 01902 773949


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Arsh Ellahi

About the author

Arsh Ellahi’s journey into property began as he left university and took on his Father’s small property portfolion and developed it into an impressive multimillion pound business. Arsh's analytical approach was simple, find a niche in the market and build on it. By tapping into the Benefit sector, Arsh was able to identify the potential growth that this could bring and he started to maximise on this.

With the success Arsh experienced in managing his father’s portfolio, it was time for him to develop his own. Within a short time frame, he began purchasing properties within the Wolverhampton region which boasts an impressive 20-30% yield.
Arsh now has over 500 tenants all on benefits and can boast a 100% rent collection record and a 98% occupancy rate.

At the young age of 32, there are no signs of slowing down for this entrepreneur and Arsh speaks nationally about ‘The benefits to renting to people on benefits.’ His speeches are down to earth and his presenting style is a relaxed and honest account of his experience. Arsh holds courses monthly where he shares his wealth of experiences to landlords, investors and generally anyone who has an interest in property.



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