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articles > Would you rather buy in the UK or Ireland?
Article> Would you rather buy in the UK or Ireland?

Article kindly supplied by Alan Forsyth

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When we look at the current situation in Ireland and the lack of flexibility the country has in terms of reorganising their economy, it shows how relatively fortunate we are in the UK that we have not joined the Euro. The fact that the Bank of England firstly is independent, but more importantly can decide on interest rates has made a significant difference in the UK.

For the UK to have managed to get interest rates down to 0.5% and hold them here for 20 months and counting - with the expectation they will still be at this level in another 10 months - and being able to action the quantitative easing so quickly, allowing extra liquidity into the economy to the tune of £200 billion has undoubtedly saved us in the UK from a deeper recession.

Quantitative easing, is about getting further liquid funds into the economy, generally through the buying of government bonds by the Bank of England from financial institutions, such as banks, giving them fresh liquidity which then should result in more lending to businesses, and individuals.

This resulted in the UK officially moving out of recession at the start of the year - and growing between April and June by an impressive 1.2%. We are all aware we shall not see much growth over the next few years - and with the public sector job cuts, employment figures will continue to be under pressure for the next 2-3 years, but overall our monetary policy at this time appears to have been relatively successful.

Ireland on the other hand is now looking at getting bailed out by the EU - as it struggles to cope with huge debts, and trying to bail out in particular the Anglo Irish bank. An official investigation into Anglo Irish bank by PricewaterhouseCoopers revealed it had 15 customers who owe the bank more than €500m each, money that will never be recovered - incredible figures! Clearly there was a great deal of irresponsible lending in Ireland, but the lack of flexibility in monetary policy clearly has a major impact in trying to work their way out of the situation.

As previously mentioned in the UK, finance markets are slowly improving - with many new lenders entering the market, and existing lenders reducing their rates, both on fixed and tracker mortgages which is an excellent indication that they see interest rates staying low.

With buy to let properties available on 75% LTV finance giving over £150 a month positive cashflow this is a great time to be buying investment property.

For more information on our latest deals and opportunities - email us at or call us on 0115 9853969.

Regards Alan


The team at have their first free presentation of the year and this is taking place in central London on Wednesday 26th January with some of our leading experts talking on UK & Overseas Property.

As always the event is free and this is an excellent opportunity to meet our team and network with other investors.

We shall be covering Cash Purchases and Small Projects - example opportunities and why this is working so well for high net worth investors - often at 40% below current market valuations! We will also be discussing our Heavily Discounted UK deals and how you can make excellent returns through buying this way, and we will explain why this is the best time to invest in the UK for high rental returns (and how we work with hundreds of clients on a weekly basis).

We will also be discussing property in the USA where prices for 1 3 or 4 bedroom property start from around $40,000 with gross rental yields as high as 25%.

Timings for Wed:
18:00 – Drinks and Networking
19:00 - 20:30 - Property presentation with Alan Forsyth & Wayne Houghton highlighting UK Property and Ollie on investment property in the USA.

There will be time after the presentation to ask any of our expert's questions and further networking.

This is in central London on Wednesday – join us for this informal evening – to get full details and book a place, email us at or call us on 01159853969.

If you cannot make this event, but are keen to know more about these opportunities, or our next events in Bristol and Warrington, drop us an email as well!

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