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Article kindly supplied by Christina Hine,
Founder, Good Find Properties

Having worked for one of the largest law firms in the City of London for a number of years, I decided on a change of career and lifestyle. I started investing in property in 2003, when I purchased 6 residential properties in one day. They said I could have a big discount if I purchased 6 properties instead of 1 and I thought, why not? Within 6 months I had quit my job in the City to pursue my passion for property investing on a full-time basis. I have never looked back; I love the freedom of being my own boss and the autonomy this brings. Although I am less keen on having to pay for any mistakes I make! I am the Founder of Good Find Properties and have been involved in developing properties as well as investing in multi-lets and single lets.

I believe in the power of networking and would like to help others achieve financial independence through property investing. I believe that Education, Mindset and Opportunity are key to achieving this and that is why I have set up Bishop’s Stortford’s first Property Networking Club. One of my favourite quotes is “Luck is what happens when Preparation meets Opportunity”.

I attended my first property seminar in 2003. That is how I had the courage to get started. One of the most valuable things I learnt from the seminar was to surround yourself by positive people, people that want the same things as you. This makes a big difference, as there are plenty of people out there that just want to put you down because they are too afraid to ‘reach for their dreams’. So how do you meet these people? Property seminars certainly, but there are more economical options. You guessed it – property networking events. One of the main reasons I set up Stansted Property Meet was that I got fed up of driving miles to attend property networking events. I wanted an event in my area, so that I could meet local investors to share ideas and resources.

Stansted Property Meet held their first meeting in September 2009, so it is still in its infancy. However, the feedback I have been getting is that the speakers are of a high quality, the networking is invaluable, the venue is excellent and the meetings are friendly and informative.

A typical SPM Meeting

We meet on the second Wednesday of each month at a charming hotel in Bishop’s Stortford. 6:30pm register and network in the comfortable bar, then 7pm to 8pm ish we have the main speaker. Each speaker is chosen to provide value, expertise, education, encouragement and entertainment. The launch in September started with Simon Zutshi so he certainly delivered on all 5 criteria. After the main speaker, I usually have some free valuable resources to give away and maybe even a free prize draw. I also have a resources table where anybody that has services to offer (especially if discounted) may leave their materials, cards, etc. for anyone in the room to take away if they so wish. For me it’s all about introducing people to other people that may be able to solve their problems. The outcome I am always striving for is ‘win win’ for everyone. At approximately 8:30pm we all go back downstairs to the lovely bar or library to Network. My speakers have always stayed behind to talk to people and answer any questions they may have. This is an invaluable opportunity that any serious investor would be mad to pass up on, but surprisingly some do!

Networking Tips from me

1. Invest in some reasonable quality business cards with a good photo of you on it. It is not as expensive as you think and I believe this has many advantages. People who attend lots of networking events (often the ‘movers and shakers’) get inundated with cards and I suspect they may not always be able to remember the people that gave them the cards. If you want to make a good impression and be remembered then having a quality card with your photo on certainly helps.

2. Try to solve people’s problems for them if you can. Don’t look to get anything in return. It’s strange how it works, but usually someone else helps you out when you are least expecting it. Another plus is when you are focussing on other people’s situations you forget about your own nervousness or difficulties. These are just my opinions, but I hope you find them useful.

Why not come along to one of our meetings and check it out for yourself. The cost is only £10 per person if you book on-line and £15 on the door.

Best wishes,

Best wishes,
Christina Hine

Founder, Good Find Properties


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