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Networking in Scotland

This exclusive article is kindly provided by

Andrew McInnes


Property networking, like Test Cricket and Simon Cowell, just isn't as popular in Scotland as in England. But that's changing.

If the national sport of the English is talking about the value of this or that house, then being stuck in the same room at the same time as hundreds of other people with the same obession must be close to heaven for the Real Estate junkies. There are some superb networking events down south (I know, because I've been to a good few of them) but somehow, we just don't do it on the same scale up here. For instance, I've never been to a Scottish event with more than around 60 people in attendance. At some of the top meetings in England, such as the Berkshire, you can multiply that figure by five. Maybe more.

What we currently have north of Hadrian's Wall are a number of club-type affairs, dotted around the big cities (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen) and some smaller towns that are home to prolific investors, such as Dunfermline. Every one I have been to has well run and the speakers are generally worth listening to. I've also made some useful contacts by attending. And for that I thank the organisers. You'll know who you are.

So what are people looking for. Information about property? Definitely. Tips on how to make money? Absolutely. The chance to dive headlong into an exciting new career? Certainly. The chance to meet the love of their life? Haven't seen it happen yet. There's a well worn saying that your network is your net worth and that can work on so many different levels. The more people you know, the more chance you have of getting that brilliantly original business idea off the ground; the more chance you have of securing funding for the project of your dreams; and the more likely you are to get into partnership with someone who has already walked the walk and will help you avoid the numerous pitfalls and sharks that lie in wait for the unwary. This applies to the world of buying and selling bricks and mortar more than just about any other business.

You get the feeling that the average man in the street has garnered their property knowledge by watching repeats from 2006 of Property Ladder and Location Location Location on UKTV Gold. Remember those days? All you had to do was buy a house, any house, and you were guaranteed to make a fortune almost overnight. Didn't even have to do anything to it. If it had a roof, four walls and the odd window you were minted. Sort of.

But reality bites hard and the common wisdom now seems to be that you should have nothing to do with property of any sort or you'll go bankrupt. And then some banker will use his £2million January bonus to buy up your whole street.

The truth, of course, is nowhere near the received opinion of the majority. As the father of James Caan, the greatest of all the Dragons, once said: "Observe the masses and do the opposite". Warren Buffet also lives by that maxim and I think he's doing okay cash-wise at the moment. My point is if you want to know what's really going on in property, you won't get it from the newspapers or television; you'll get it from the people who are doing it for real - and they're all going to networking meetings.

As more people start to realise this, attendance at property events is on an upward curve. Berkshire, the daddy (Sorry Sylvia) of them all, can now sell out three or four nights in a row, with hundreds and hundreds of people heading for deepest, darkest Maidenhead to meet the people that matter. And in London itself, new networking groups seem to be springing up on an almost weekly basis, proving that property education in the UK is now in the hands of the professionals. And so it should be.

That's not to say newcomers are not welcome. If you have a genuine interest in networking, education and you have something to offer, you will be warmly welcomed into the fold. I know because I was. You'll meet new friends and potential new partners in a stimulating environment. And I guarantee that once you've been to one networking event, addiction will set in. And as yet there's no cure!

To go back to my original point, it's about time there was a large scale event for property networkers in Scotland. Well, there is now.

The Scottish Property Meet is launching this week in Glasgow (January 21st) and Edinburgh (January 22nd) and the special guest speakers are John Lee and Vincent Wong. Some of you will know them already, but if not go to their website ( and prepare to be impressed.

It's a new decade and the time has arrived for networking in Scotland to hit the big time. Most of the property superstars have been lined up to include us on their UK tour itineraries this year. And the ones that haven't will soon be converted!

It would be great to see you there.


Andrew McInnes



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