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articles > Instant Cashflow with BMV Deal Packaging
Article > Instant Cashflow with BMV Deal Packaging

Article kindly supplied by Paul McFadden

It can be an endless struggle in the early days of your investing career trying to build relationships with estate agents, hoping they will give you first shout on the juicy 25%+ BMV deals that every Investor wants nowadays, or having to pay a sourcing fee from anywhere between £1000 - £5000 depending on how good a deal is.

A common expression used among experienced Property Investors is that “The one with the leads is the Daddy!” The “Daddy” can cherry pick the best leads for themselves, sell the lead’s or maximise their profit by packaging the lead and selling it for as much as £8000.

The question is why aren’t we all doing this? The truth is the experienced Investors ARE doing this and making an unbelievable amount of money in the process.

The KEY to generating leads is having a STRONG website and online system in place.

I personally think that the reason why most people don’t generate leads online is because it seems like hard work or too technical to run an Internet campaign or design a website. Others don’t want to spend thousands having a professional do the work for them.

Unfortunately if you don’t have a website then you are missing your target audience. We live in a world where we turn to Google for the answers to our problems; such as “I need to sell my house” or “sell my house fast.” If you can get your website in front of this target audience then, you have a high chance of generating a lot of leads. Not only that but if you have a website in place, it gives you a greater advantage as people will see you as a reputable business, and will trust you more.

I am fortunate enough to be able to generate a large number of leads in such a competitive market because I have the tools and an exact formula to follow that will guarantee you a lot of leads.

The reason I am in this position, is because a very good friend of mine and leading internet marketer Billy Farrell created a system with bridging finance expert Rory O’Mara. I was able to experience their system first hand and had Billy to guide me along the way. As a result of this, I pulled in over 27k in my first 8 weeks through generating leads and packaging deals!

Here are SOME of the reasons why most lead generation websites FAIL:

==> The Site is Poorly Structured

Put simply, you can have a lovely website, but if fails to convert then it's absolutely pointless. Your website must be built in a way that YOU DIRECT THE VISITORS! You must lead people through where you want them to go. You must also keep the information on your site simple enough that it speaks to your audience in non-investor terms,

==> Running Google Adwords with Limited Knowledge

Google Adwords can either cost you a fortune, or help you make a fortune. Unfortunately 'unless' you know the ins-and-outs of Adwords, it's likely to cost you an arm and a leg. Adwords must be targeted and built in a way that converts, with minimal cost. This is a HUGE subject but inside your training system, you will learn how the most successful internet marketers around are running Adwords....

==> Long Opt-in Forms

When you placing a contact form on your website to get the viewers details, most people make the mistake of asking for EVERY piece of information they can get. The smartest thing you can do is break this into two forms. The first form is immediately visible, and asks for basic details such as name, address, reason for selling. The second page asks for a whole lot more. The reason for this is if they decide they don't want to part with SO MUCH information, it doesn’t matter, because you've already gained their contact details....

The fact is simple – if you are in a position to generate leads from motivated and desperate sellers, you can go on to help that person whilst making a fortune in the process.
The best part of all – is when you become known for your ability to package deals (which lets face it is all to do with people skills and financial savvy), people will start to pop up from nowhere with all sorts of deals, and will end up doing joint ventures on a 50/50 split. Many days I wake up to find countless emails, with leads from other investors looking for me to package the deal and bring in the big bucks!

If you’re looking for a way to make extra and immediate cashflow, check out Billy and Rory’s lead generation system, they are two of the nicest guys on the planet and the system works! I’m proof of that! Check it out for yourself and see what it’s all about at

Either way, if you want immediate cashflow, this is the next step forward. You could either pay a web designer a couple of thousand pounds, and with their lack of knowledge about the market, you’ll never get exactly what you need. Billy and Rory are both heavily involved in the property world and this system has been designed specifically for you.




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