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Article kindly supplied by Matthew Moody

About The Author: Matthew Moody is one of the UK’s top HMO experts and the founder of a website dedicated to providing property investors with free information about investing in high quality professional HMO’s.
For more details, please contact Matthew on 01933 460270.


The secret that most HMO property investors know is that the cashflow at the end of the month is double, triple or even quadruple the returns from a single let property.

Taking a property and sub-dividing it into rooms means that instead of one income source, you can take advantage of multiple income sources from one house.

A typical 4-bedroom house in Northamptonshire would cost £200,000 and with rents of £950pcm; the net cashflow at the end of the month after bills, voids, maintenance and management would be £91.67 a month. Take the same house and rent out to young professionals and even with substantial bills, your net cashflow jumps to £606.66. This is a difference of more than six times the return from a single let property!

However, don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s easier to get these types of returns – its not unless you know what you are doing. I speak to countless HMO landlords who have seen an old large property with plenty of rooms, decided that it would make a perfect HMO and bought it. They’ve then not refurbished it correctly, not put in the right type of furniture or facilities – and suddenly that cash cow they thought they had has actually turned into a money pit!

There is another way though. The only different between a successful investor and an average investor is the application of the right knowledge using the right guide. The right way is using a proven system that works.

At the Millenia Group, we manage over 100 properties; the vast majority being HMO’s of all types and sizes. Hence we’ve seen every problem that can be thrown at us and been able to find the right solution.

We use a 7-step system to:

• correctly identify an area of demand
• ensure the right property type is purchased
• budget professionally for the purchase and refurbishment
• use the right marketing to get your property known
• prepare the property the right way that guarantees 50%+ conversion rates
• view a house so that no stone is left unturned in turning a “no” into a “yes”
• manage the property to minimise your time and maximise your profit

In order to succeed in the HMO market, you need to be following our proven 7-step system.

We’re running just two one-day intensive “HMO Secrets” workshops in London this year and you’re invited to learn the latest strategies, tactics and tools that we use to run our six figure business model.

Only Dates in the Diary!

Saturday 26th June 2010
Satuday 17th July 2010

Learn more by going to

Spend a full day learning the “7 HMO Secrets” in detail!

  • How you determine what market you’re in (4xKM)
  • The 3 specific types of houses we want to buy and why
  • How to market your houses so that they rent quickly in any market
  • Tax-deductible assets that can save you thousands in start-up costs
  • How to systematize your business so that you don’t have to manage it
  • How to control HMO properties without owning them - invaluable
  • You’ll get a personal introduction to my team of experts
  • And much, much more...
  • Normal Cost £497 (as sold on

Plus special bonuses

HMO Business Builder Blueprint £77.00
HMO Resource CD £149.00
HMO Secrets Audio £27.00



Here are some other resources to help you learn about HMO's

Sign up for my free 10-part ecourse on Building Your Own HMO Business:

Beginner – Intermediate (some idea about HMO’s, is slightly jealous and wants to dip your toes in):
Check out my 90-Day Fast Start Action Guide and 30-page report for less than the cost of a meal out

Once you’ve got the Fast Start Guide, you can check out the HMO Business Builder course for just £77.00 (but you need to get the HMO Survival Guide first).

Advanced - (might have a HMO, wants to make a lot of cash very quickly and believes in training from the number one expert in the UK):
Check out the HMO Millionaire Business Bootcamp from just £372.75 per person. If you want to learn how me and my business partner took control of over £2 million pounds worth of HMO’s that make us over £7,000 NET every month for just 10 peppercorns, then this is the ONLY place to be and there will only be ONE workshop this year.

Matthew Moody


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