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articles > Don’t Wait to Buy Land - Buy Land and Wait!
Article > Don’t Wait to Buy Land - Buy Land and Wait!

Article kindly provided by Katy Jones

The property market took a major hit during the recession and many investors saw the value of their portfolios drop month by month as values plummeted and banks almost completely closed their doors to new lending. Now all the signs are there that it’s heading for recovery. However it wasn’t doom and gloom for all property investors as those who invested in land saw values go up significantly.

In the 2nd half of 2009 The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors reported that land values went up as much as 8% as supply was limited and demand was high. Unlike two years ago, when the cost of land was pushed up by ‘City slickers’ who were keen to try farming as a hobby or buy a second home in the country, the current wave of demand is being driven by investors who have moved in to buy up land as many are seeing land as a safer investment for their money than Property, Shares etc.

Here at UK Land Agent we’ve seen the amount of people looking to purchase land as an investment go up considerably over the last 6 months and the amount of enquiries continue to grow. We currently have over 500 plots of land available for sale of which 180 plots are being sold as investments. Some of these plots are being sold by farmers looking to release capital whilst others are being sold as part of larger investment schemes where land is purchased with the intention of it gaining planning permission in time and in turn this increases the value significantly. This type of investment has been around for a long time and is popular as generally those wishing to purchase a plot can do so from as little at £10,000.


Farmland is now seen as a “stable venture”, after prices remained resilient during the recession. Low interest rates have also caused Investors to turn to alternative assets in a bid to get higher returns. There is also a strong demand for additional land from established farmers, who are keen to capitalise on rising livestock prices by acquiring land nearby, so they can expand their existing operations. Surveyors have reported an increasing demand for residential farmland, such as land with a farmhouse as this has also started to pick up during the recessionary period.


We believe that investing in land will become more attractive to seasoned and new investors over the next few years for a number of reasons. Firstly the media recently reported that the population is set to rise to from 61million people to 71.6million in 2033 meaning more housing WILL have to be built and the land to build on needs to come from somewhere. Also at present the Government is working to hand Planning back to Local Authorities who are best placed to decide where housing is most needed in their areas. And finally and probably most importantly we believe that Greenbelt boundaries will be moved in the not to distant future to free up more land so further housing can be built to house the nation’s increasing population.




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