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articles > A Brief History of YPN Magazine
Article > A Brief History of YPN Magazine


Article kindly supplied by Ant Lyons, Editor,
Your Property Network Magazine


Up until 2 years ago I had been merrily buying a few properties all No Money Down and renting them out for a modest monthly profit. In April 2008 the party ended, the credit crunch hit and NMD largely went the way of the dodo.

I had been attending a few networking events for a while and my business partner and I realised there were going to be quite a few people out there like us who were going to be scratching their heads and wondering what to next. We also realised just how little we actually knew about making money from property. We invited some investors that we knew to sit down round a table and write down on a piece of paper how much they had spent on property courses, seminars and such like. The figures ranged from £4,000 to over £70,000.

Given that what we knew was pretty much impossible to do anymore we also realised that there were many people out there who knew how to make real money out of property whatever the market was doing. Perhaps we could use their experience and stories to inform other investors, we could share stories and ideas so that everybody could learn from each other. Instead of charging thousands of pounds for a property course why not charge just a few pounds and put all of the information into a magazine format aimed at people like us – people who want to learn different strategies to find a niche in their local market to make profit.

Two years on we now have 12,500 readers across the UK (and a few overseas) and the magazine has grown from 16 pages to 62.

What’s it about
Every month we are submitted hundreds of property stories from our readers, we bin all of those that are just trying to sell something and feature interesting and innovative strategies from real investors who have done real property deals. It’s a bit like watching property ladder but aimed at a more experienced audience. We don’t really write about overseas property because in truth we can’t get our head around it! The core of the magazine is how to make money from property in your local market.

Our readers range from those just starting out to investors who have personal portfolios well into the hundreds. My job is to ensure that every month we have at least half a dozen articles that are of interest and the strategy can be implemented or adapted by our readers. Some of the strategies require the investor to have access to funds, others are more suited to those who do not have a big pot of cash to start with.

Outside of the magazine we do not undertake any kind of property education, we really feel that for £3.90 per month there is no better way of keeping up to date and finding out different ways to make money from property. Thankfully our readers seem to enjoy the magazine, they tend to pick and choose the bits that are relevant to them and so far 12,500 seem to like what we do.

My own property knowledge has increased dramatically over the past 2 years and I have personally moved from straightforward below market value deals into small scale developments the most recent of which was a house that we purchased and split into flats. In total we spent approx. £130,000 and when finished the 2 flats valued at £86,000 each. I’m just looking at my first self build project and trying to find the land and finance to make it possible!

I have met some fascinating people through running YPN including Sarah Beeny, Kevin Green (Channel 4’s property secret millionaire), Martin Roberts (BBC’s homes under the hammer) and Dolf De Roos (Property Billionaire who works with Donald Trump). Perhaps more relevant to most of our readers we have published over 500 case studies of real investors who have found a niche and built a profitable property business. These range from commercial property developments, land deals, buy to let, refurb and development, HMO’s, lease options, buy to sell, tenant buyers and niche market letting (such as letting residential properties to commercial tenants). Before we publish any editorial piece it’s read by our full team (all 3 of us!) and we decide whether it’s relevant and interesting. We attend a few property networking events each month and it’s always nice to get ideas and feedback for future magazines.

Although running the magazine takes up a lot of time and thereby I have less time to spend on my own property business (I added 5 properties to my portfolio last year) it has meant that the deals that I actually do are far better than those we purchased prior to the credit crunch.

My own investment criteria are as follows
I want to be able to get any capital I invest back out of a deal within 6 months. Any money left in a deal I want paid back out in rental profit within 1 year.
After re-mortgaging I aim to make a minimum of £150 per month rental profit on a single let property. I really hate it when I meet people who say “It’s alright for them – they have got loads of money”, these kind of people are just making excuses. The truth about property is that absolutely anybody can make money from property it’s just that 99% choose not to do so. This does not mean that it is easy and there aren’t risks, there are but by and large those who end up losing their shirt do so out of negligence, greed or naivety. The vast majority of people that I have met who have money made it from property.

Here’s a list of a few interviews I have undertaken recently, all are real strategies that real investors are using in the current market.

Commercial Property:
This investor made nearly £400,000 profit from 1 commercial property deal.
Trading properties without mortgage finance:
How to find motivated sellers and secure properties using option agreements to sell to first time buyers making an average of £12,000 on every deal trading 1-2 deals per month.
Introduce new income streams to your property business:
Finding it tough living off rental income, how to use the skills you already have to boost your revenue by £5,000 per month.

Responsible investing
This investor started out with £75,000 and has bought and sold 17 properties in 5 years for a total profit of £500,000 and has also built a personal portfolio of 16 buy to let properties.

Loving what you do
My own portfolio now generates a sufficient rental profit that I could live off it without having to work. I love what I do in running the magazine with my business partner Mike. We feel that we put quality information out there to those people who are active in property now or are looking to get into property. We love the fact that the magazine is by and large written by our readers for our readers so we know it’s relevant.

We also love the fact we provide literally the best and most varied information available anywhere for just a few pounds per month. If somebody reads one our articles and makes £10,000 profit from what they have learnt then the cost of their magazine is paid for many of hundreds of times over.



At £3.90 per month YPN is simply the very best investment you will ever make in furthering your property knowledge.

Subscribe now and you’ll receive your first copy at no cost.

PLUS for a limited time only we’ll send you a complimentary copy of James Caan’s autobiography “The Real Deal”.






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