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Networking Just What is Networking???

Welcome to the mypropertypowerteam Networking Section. Here you find usefull information on why you should join
Forums & Blogs and also attend Networking Events


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What is Networking? It is simply building relationships.

How do you build any meaningful, worthwhile and long term relationship? Through trust. That is how good business is conducted, not just through a quick sale and conducting transactions. But to get to the trust you have to get to know the person first then there has to be mutual liking.

In today’s highly competitive world, being a confident and effective networker sets you apart from the crowd. You become more visible, always feel in control and will always create more business opportunities than the average. 99% of people dread this vital activity! Networking is appropriate for those new to investing and long standing experienced landlords, it is also great for service providers.

There are several ways to network including internally in your work and social environment, Online Forums & Blogs and also specialised Networking Events. There are many things to be gained by networking and so its importance should not be underrated.

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1. Source of new friends/colleagues
2. Hear new ideas.
3. Sharing problems.
4. Develops ideas.
5. Helps source better suppliers.
6. Generating ideas.
7. Access to more expertise.
8. Develops resource bank.


1 . Introduction to useful people.
2 . Ability to increase prospects.
3 . Gets round gatekeepers.
4 . Opens doors more easily.
5 . It’s a numbers game.
6 . Gives you a shortcut to people you need to meet.
7 . Can help influence people.
8 . Guarantees a business opportunity.
9 . Stronger referrals from third parties.
10 . Identify key decision makers.
11 . More channels of opportunities.
12 . Numbers game.
13 . Creates new leads.




1. Feeds new business.
2 . Keeps existing clients sweet.
3 . Feedback on our services.
4 . Find out problems.
5 . Shows interest.
6 . Helps you understand client better.
7 . Sell more services.
8 . They are more likely to recommend.
9 . Builds closer relationships.
10 . More likely to buy more services.


1 . Saves time and money.
2 . More time efficient.
3 . Feeling more confidence when recommended to suppliers.
4 . Builds self-confidence & team confidence.

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