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Welcome to the mypropertypowerteam Education Section. Here you can find information for Mentors and gurus to help you learn, the most comprehensive Jargon Buster on the web and a Further Reading Bookshop.

How Important is Education?

You are not born with the ability to do everything straight away; you have to learn how to first, then advance to the next challenge, this includes a thorough knowledge of property investing. You will probably have preset ideas about the traditional method of purchasing property to live in, that have been ingrained by society. You know “Must put in as much cash as possible for the deposit and MUST PAY OFF MORTGAGE as fast as possible“

Great concept, however it is EXTREMELY FLAWED as it ONLY BENEFITS THE BANKS it is not designed to be in your favour. They want you to work hard for up to 25 years in order to keep giving them YOUR MONEY, and they charge you interest for the privilege.

What if you could purchase MULTIPLE PROPERTIES using OTHER PEOPLES MONEY, including having BUILT IN EQUITY from DAY 1 AND have OTHER PEOPLE PAY THE MORTGAGE for you?

IT IS POSSIBLE!!! .........All you need is educating. If you want to SUCCEED you have to LEARN. You would not expect yourself to be able to lay bricks and build a house if you had not trained and been educated on how to do so. Ok so perhaps you could manage to put up a small garden wall around your dahlias using pure guesswork, however, would it be stable? Would it last? Did you need foundations? Do you even know what foundations are? If you had been educated in the subject, you would know.

Dont worry if you hated school, educating yourself in property has CASH benefits and wealth incentives. It does involve doing your homework, however, it is worth the money it makes or saves you. Either way YOU WIN!

There are many ways to get education. The best place to start is with wisdom from an Expert, an established success in the property business, someone who has already achieved.

Here we call them MENTORS & GURUS.

These investors have already been there, done it, worn the T-shirt and written the book(s) so take inspiration from them; follow their methods and YOU WILL SUCCEED.

Many of these Experts have written self help books looking at various aspects of property investment, economic analysis, motivational thinking and the like. You can check out the top titles on our FURTHER READING page.

The list also includes many of the books that inspired the MENTORS & GURUS in the first place plus other inspirational material and guidance.


Like to Watch Videos?

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