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Article > Housing Benefit, Local Housing Allowance and Welfare Reform

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Claire Turner (MA,MCIH) Director
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Over the last year the government has announced significant changes to housing benefit (HB) and local housing allowance (LHA). The government’s own estimates show that the changes will result in an annual reduction of £2,745 million savings, made from reductions in housing benefit payments.

The impact of these changes to housing benefit will affect private landlords and their tenants across the UK.

The first of these changes were introduced on 1 April 2011, with the full programme of reforms to be completed in 2017. There have already been several changes to implementation dates and to some of the more radical proposals, including dropping the proposal to reduce HB by 10% for people claiming jobseeker’s allowance for more than 12 months. It is likely that there will be further changes to come and the Landlord Information Network will ensure that members are kept as up to date as possible.

The Landlord Information Network tracks the Welfare reform bill and looks from a landlords/letting agent’s perspective at the changes being made to housing benefit and local housing allowance. It will help you to plan how to proactively reduce the impact of the changes for your tenants and therefore how to minimise the negative impact of the changes on your rental income and arrears levels.


The LHA Expert

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Written by a Landlord with a wealth of experience of both his own Tenants and also acting as an Agent for other Landlords


The Welfare Reform Bill

The Welfare reform bill was introduced to Parliament on 16 February 2011 and the DWP described it as the biggest change to the welfare system for over 60 years. The major proposals for reform, of concern to landlords, are those related to Housing Benefit (HB), including; the introduction of a new benefit, to be known as universal credit and the limiting total benefit payable to out of work households of working age (benefit capping).



Landlords and letting agents need to keep abreast of the reforms and ensure that you are up to date with the changes and how it will impact on your rental income in order to minimise the impact that it will have on your arrears through pro-active action prior to implementation of the changes. For further information on how the Welfare Reforms will affect your rental income see our member report ‘Welfare Reform – April 2011’

The Landlord Information Network will ensure that landlords, letting agents and your tenants are kept up to date with the reforms. Look out for our news updates, publications and member reports which will keep landlords and letting agents bang up to date. Our publications will, in straight-forward, practical terms, guide you through the reforms and how these changes will affect HB payments and the likely impact on your rental income. The Landlord Information Network will give you the tools needed to maximise your income whilst minimising your arrears.

Click here to join the Landlord Information Network today

The LHA Expert





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