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Article > Three Tips for a Quick House Sale



Selling your home can be an incredibly stressful and nerve-wracking experience. So much hinges on it: your next property, your finances, your future, and perhaps even your ability to extend your family.

Although it’s incredibly important to get the process right from start to finish, there are often complicating factors that can get in the way of this. These can force you to seek a quicker sale than you had intended, and many people in this situation struggle to strike a balance between achieving the price that they want and moving their property on in time.

If you feel like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, then sit back, take a deep breath, and give these three top tricks a try…

#1: Make Your Property Ready to Move Into

Those seeking a quick sale will often need a buyer that wants the same thing. It’s no good to find someone that wishes to purchase your property, only to have them drag their heels and slow things down, so the trick is to attract the right potential purchasers. Those looking for a quick turnaround themselves will want to be able to move in almost immediately, so a perfectly prepped home will go a long way towards helping your cause. Get your hands on a few tins of paint, neutralise your colour scheme, clean, and de-clutter, and you’ll be sending out a clear signal that you’re ready to do business.

#2: Price Your Home Realistically

Another tip for those seeking a quick turnaround is to price your home accordingly. Many purchasers mistakenly believe that valuing their properties at slightly more than they’re worth will help them to achieve the figure that they want, but this is actually entirely misleading. When properties are overpriced, most buyers are unwilling to even look at them. They already know how much they wish to spend and what they can buy for their money, and if your property doesn’t fit their criteria, no one is going to take an interest in it. Price your home at the sum you hope to achieve to minimise the need for negotiations and speed up the selling process.

#3: Consider a Specialist Quick Sale Company

For those that are really in need of a speedy sale, more drastic measures might be on the cards. However well you play the property game, you can never guarantee that a buyer will materialise, so it’s sometimes worthwhile to think outside of the box. Although they will often pay slightly less than you would get on the open market, specialist quick sale companies like Quick Move Now offer a guaranteed purchase as fast as you require it. With the means and skills to perform the transaction in just seven days, they can be an ideal option for those who are low on funds and desperate to sell.

Sell your home quickly with these three top tips.


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