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Article > Struggling to Sell Your Home? Consider These Strategies

Selling a home can be an incredibly difficult and arduous process, particularly if you’re in financial trouble. Ultimately, all you’re looking for is a fair price for your home but, when such large amounts of money are at stake, this can be difficult, with potential buyers driving a hard bargain; especially in the current property market where it can be difficult to sell. So, if you’re currently struggling to shift your property from the market, here are three strategies you can try.


It might be that your home isn’t selling because potential buyers feel like they can get more for their money elsewhere. This is something to discuss with your estate agent, as they should know why people aren’t putting offers in. This could be because the house is over-valued, or because better properties are available for a similar amount of money.
If this is the case, and if you have money available, then renovating could be the perfect solution. From simple solutions such as freshening up the paintwork to landscaping the garden to boost your home’s curb appeal, there are a number of things you can do to improve the appeal of your property to potential buyers. Of course, some of these, such as building a conservatory or converting a bedroom can be expensive, but there are low cost options, too. Talk to your estate agents and be sensible with your budget. Remember you’ll have to recoup the money through the sale.

Go to Auction

If you’re not willing to invest and would like a quick sale then you have two options. The first of these is to take the property for auction, knowing it will be sold on the day. However, it’s important to realise that, although you may get a very good price for your home, it may also be sold far cheaper than you’d like, unless you place a reserve on it.
Overall, an auction sale can be highly effective, but it’s certainly not without risks, so make sure that you do plenty of research.

Sell Online

As a final option, if you’re looking for a quick sale to ease financial pressure, then you could look to sell your home online through a company such as Quick Buyers. This way, a quick sale is guaranteed, freeing up your money troubles in the process. Plus, unlike with the auction, you’ll know just how much you’ll get for your property before you sell.

To conclude, selling a property can be difficult but, by considering all these options, you give yourself the best possible chance of getting a fair deal for your property in a timeframe that suits you.


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