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Article > From Networking "Nerd" to Networking "Ninja" -
2 Local Investors... 4 Strategies... 1 night in Brighton

Article kindly provided by
Sean Toole


It seems there are so many benefits to networking that many investors struggle to then get any results from their efforts, unless of course your name is Gary Silver or Steve Wood. Both of which transformed themselves from Networking Nerds to Networking Ninjas and below, they share the five common mistakes that lose business when networking. They will also be sharing their experience of networking and getting some great outcomes as a direct result of attending the Sussex Property Networking Club based in Brighton.

First up is Property Investor and Developer Gary Silver.

Gary is a former Estate Agent who built his own chain of 7 Estate Agents before starting a new career as a Glamour Model Photographer. (someone has to do it ;0))

Here then in Gary's own words he explains what happened after becoming a regular at his local networking event.

"As a direct result, I've made well over £200,000 over the last 3 years, that I would not have done had it not been for the SPNC.

In brief, the SPNC enlightened, inspired and educated me to do the following -

1/ I bought a house in Kemp Town at a genuine 15% below market value which I found myself. I obtained planning permission to convert the integral garage into another room thereby turning the house from 3 bedrooms to 4 and enhancing it's value from the purchase price of £250,000 to £340,000

2/ I sourced a building plot in Hove and sold it on for a fee of £6500

3/ I bought an Art Gallery ( the JAG Art Gallery ) on Brighton Seafront which I rent out to over 20 artists. It's similar to an HMO ( house of multiple occupation ) but is more accurately described as a CMO (Commercial Multiple Occupation )

4/ I did a 50/50 joint venture with a friend - we bought a one bedroom flat in Hove at a genuine 20% below market value, obtained planning permission to extend it and convert it into two bedrooms which cost £40000. It is almost finished and 3 agents have all valued it at £450,000 and we bought it for £186,000 ! "

Well done Gary, a great result from networking at your local property club!

Our 2nd Testimonial comes from prolific net-worker, Steve Wood.

Steve is a business owner and "Deal Maker" and specialises in bringing deals together with investors in the Sussex area.

Here then, in his own words is what Steve said "I enjoy finding refurbishment opportunities, connecting buyers to sellers and sellers to buyers.

If you have a good property proposal which you cannot solve I might be able to help.

Are you looking to invest in property deals in Brighton & Hove let me know and I will see what I can do. Also if you have too many property deals, don't waste them, let me try to do something to help you monetise them using my knowledge and expertise."

Steve has a straight talking, honest approach and will be sharing his strategies and how he can help you move forward with any deal in their local area.

Great results from Steve and Gary. If you're looking to emulate them, then take a look at the 5 Common Mistakes that lose business when networking and transform yourself from Networking "Nerd" to Networking "Ninja".

1. No or poor business cards.

Make sure you have professional looking business card. Most property investors fall down at this first and very important hurdle. They often have poor quality business cards with little knowledge of how to create a really professional card.

2.Dont sell when you meet!

Networking is about building relationships. When people like, know and trust you they will buy from you. Take time to get to know people.

3. Don't think "What's in it for me?"

Ask "How can I help this person?" When you approach networking with this attitude you will be so much more successful. When you become the "Go-To" person in your niche success is inevitable.

4. A look that isn't clean, tidy and ironed!

Dress for success. These days its not always essential to wear your "posh" outfit. Although if you want people to perceive you as successful it is important the you create a very good first impression when networking. Remember you wont get a second chance to make a great first impression. Just to confirm:- your outfit should be clean, tidy and please don't forget to iron that shirt/blouse. :0)

5. No Contact after the event.

Follow up with people you meet after the event, ideally a message that day or call/email them the very next morning. Let them know that you enjoyed meeting them,(only if you did!) suggest ways to help them or ask them if they wish to meet for coffee in order to find out more about their business.


Utilise these top 5 tips and you can build a large network of clients, get fast results and ultimately become the "Go-To" person in your field.

Find out how Gary and Steve did all this and more at the Sussex Property Networking Club on Wednesday 6th November 2013.

Book your place now at

or you can book or via their web site

The Sussex Property Networking Club is on Wednesday 6th November and the first week of every month.

Investors Gary Silver and Steve Wood will share their networking success at the next event.

Sean Toole is the founder of Sussex Property Networking Club (2009), known as the "Networking Ninja" Sean also owns a Property Maintenance Company,

Martin Culverhouse is a property investor, developer and founder of the Greedy Property Investors. He shows cash investors how to find below market value guest houses, add £150,000 equity through "forced-appreciation" so they cash flow £10-£12k per month, every month.

Any questions please call Sean on 07739461730




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