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Article > Property Investing Resolutions For 2013

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Let’s face it, as 2013 dawns up on us, we’re all here for the same reason; to learn about property investing from other investors and to hopefully improve and grow our own property business. (more info on exactly how to do that at the end of this article…)

Every year around this time people from every walk of life, like to reflect on what practices worked for them during the previous year and look forward with new goals for the coming year. With that in mind we thought it would be helpful to propose some property related goals for 2013 for investors of any level. (Go somewhere quiet & pay close attention ;- )

New Year’s Property Resolution #1: Invest in Something (more specifically property!)
For the novice investor this may mean taking that leap of faith and buying their first property investment to rent out. For the seasoned investor it could mean trading up to a large mixed use or multi-unit property or commercial unit.

It doesn’t matter if you plan to BRR (Buy, Refurbish, remortgage) or BFF (Buy, Fix, Flip), most investors know that the best way to succeed is to keep identifying opportunities and purchasing the right kinds of properties and at the right price.

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New Year’s Property Resolution #2: Refinance A Property

For those of us who already own several properties maybe this is the year you take advantage of historically low interest rates and refinance a property. Cheaper debt service equals greater cash flow so refinancing is another way to increase your bottom line that doesn’t require acquiring new properties.

Or those of you who are savvy, can refinance & remove your initial deposit and invest it in another cash-flowing property and repeat the process creating an infinitive ROI.

New Year’s Property Resolution #3: Build/Improve Your Power Investing Team
This could be a goal for a seasoned investor or someone who has yet to make their first purchase. Putting together a power team that includes refurb contractors, letting agents, mortgage brokers, surveyors, smart tax accountants that you can use as resources to get opinions and analysis will exponentially increase your odds of succeeding as a property investor.

If you already have a team then take a few minutes to evaluate them and see if an alternative, better option exists.

New Year’s Property Resolution #4: Get More Organized, Systemized, Streamlined, and Consistent
This one isn’t only related to property investing but almost everyone has room to get more organized, systemized and streamlined which will allow you to work more efficiently (i.e. smarter) but still consistently put out a reliable product.

Take a few minutes to review your systems and consider if there are better ways to do them. Take advantage of

technology like computer programs, apps, iPads, iPhones, tablets, clouds and all of those things you may have heard about but don’t really understand.

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New Year’s Property Resolution #5: Continue Learning About Investing So You’re Ready To Start In 2013

If you’re reading this that means you are interested in and attempting to learn about smart property investing. Keep reading, learning, networking, analyzing and trying to get comfortable with property investing.

Develop a game plan that can be easily executed and put all of your ducks in order so you can be one of the people who finally buy their first [or multiple] investment property in 2013!

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Rob & Mark have bought over 230 properties since 2005 for themselves and their investors

In 2006 Rob & Mark set about buying properties full time for themselves. They never actually intended to build one of the largest Property companies in the UK, they simply wanted to buy Property with big discount & good cashflow for lifestyle choice

Things snowballed from there, & having sourced those properties in 2006 & built many relationships with Estate Agents, they were sourcing more Property than they could logistically buy. From there they started to buy for friends & family

And so Progressive Property *Hands-Free* was born in January 2007: for people who want all of the benefits of Property without having to do the work themselves






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