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Article - Multi-Let Success

Article kindly provided by Peter Singh


Peter Singh is one of the UK’s fast growing authorities on Multi-Let Property Management or Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO’s) and yet he only started investing in property in March 2012, last year.

Initially Peter had very little funds to start his property investment career with and relied on claiming back overpaid Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) and a small amount of savings from his previous job as a factory worker.

Without any prior property investment education and equipped with nothing but a burning desire to succeed, Peter made his first property investment, with just under £3,500 (GBP). This was a property he was expecting to multi-let as a HMO and hoped to achieve around £500 - £600 (GBP) cashflow per month, however, it actually achieved £950 (GBP) per month.

Whilst pursuing his first multi-let property investment, Peter was accused of being part of a £38 Million Pound VAT fraud and during the course of the trial he was working night shifts on the production line in a local factory. Using his break times and train journeys to and from court as the only time to sleep and meditate. Whenever there was an adjournment at court Peter would be working on his multi-let property. Peter said “I didn’t have time to think about how I would make the property work as a multi-let, I just made the decision to take the property on and let my mind find the ways to make it work. The first deal was wrapped up and fully tenanted within 3 weeks just before the Easter break which I definitely needed!”


Peter Singh - Multi-Let Success Strategy

Peter Singh talks to Rob Moore


Peter had a challenging task on his hands, but he knew nothing was ever too challenging, only as challenging as we believe it to be and this was it now, Peter had tasted his first bit of success and he knew all he had to do was replicate what he had just done. You see, the thing is, Peter’s life has not always been as successful as his first property investment, in fact, as far as money goes, Peter would go through phases where he would gamble his wages and count how many £1 coins he had left, eventually gambling all of them too. Peter was the guy that would walk into the work’s canteen with no money to eat, the guy who would walk 30 miles to and from work because he didn’t have the money to cover transport.

Now when Peter walks through his local town centre where he grew up, he views life with a new pair of eyes. Peter explains “There are 3 betting shops on each corner of the town centre, and I see people walk out from the betting shops with that same screwed up face that I used to leave with, all I see now, is opportunities to help.” Living below his means as a teenager is one positive aspect that has now helped Peter as a property investor.

After being successfully acquitted by jury after a 3.5 month trial, Peter went from strength to strength pushing his property business forward. Taking on his 2ndmulti-let property in June 2012, just 2 weeks before being acquitted and the 3rd and 4th HMO properties followed in July & August.

Peter now has 10 multi-let properties cashflowing around £7,400 (GBP) per month and now spends his time coaching people on how to achieve success in their lives whilst feeling a great sense of purpose doing so.

Peter is currently writing a book about his life experiences, the challenges and obstacles that he has had to face and how he overcame them to push his life in a direction, that a few years ago, he thought was impossible. Peter said:”The truth is we can achieve whatever we want in life and for me it boiled down to 2 things,

• How bad do I want it?
• Am I willing to sacrifice who I am now for who I will become?

My heart answered both those questions for me.


Peter Singh - Multi-Let Success Strategy


I used property as my vehicle to become financially free and break this cycle. My father was a factory worker working on minimum wage, I was a factory worker working on minimum wage, nobody in the history of my family had ever been an entrepreneur. I am breaking this cycle, re-creating history and will leave a legacy.”

Fast forward to August 2013 and Peter has become financially independent earning just shy of £8,000 (GBP) per month, and he is currently systemising his business and helping others to achieve fantastic results from property. Peter admits that life hasn’t always been easy, as he told MyPropertyPowerTeam;

“I have faced some challenges along the way, working night shifts on the production line, attending court during the day times for a £38 Million (GBP) VAT fraud which I was unknowingly a part of, with no time to sleep other than on the train journey to and from court whilst seizing the opportunity of my first multi-let property investment during the same time. Although my legal team thought I was crazy for doing this, I knew exactly the opportunity I was looking for 3 months prior to it arising, letting it pass by was not an option. Yes physically, it was not possible to do, but neither was giving in to the opportunity. There are many opportunities in your lifetime, but what really matters is the life you put into each one. Seeing the opportunity is one thing, seizing it with all your life is a whole new ball game. Only you can choose the quality of the shot you take. I now run property training events teaching others how they can overcome obstacles and mental roadblocks to be successful in property. I have used property investing as a vehicle to become the first entrepreneur in the history of my family, I know through sharing my knowledge and teaching others I can help people to achieve great results using a low investment / high return strategy.”


Peter Singh - Multi-Let Success Strategy

Hear Peters moving and emotional story in his own words as told to over 1000 Property Investors at the Property Super Conference 2013



Peter Singh - Multi-Let Success Strategy



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Peter Singh - Multi-Let Success Strategy

Peter Singh

Peter Singh - Multi-Let Success Strategy

Peter Singh will be running a 2 day Multi-Let Success Strategy (MLSS) workshop on 5th-6th October this year, where he will be sharing the exact blueprint that he used to build the successful MLSS business model, including all the large challenges, mistakes, obstacles and learning’s that he had to go through to become financially independent.

Discover the essential requirements to build your own property portfolio on Peter’s unique two day Multi-Let Success Strategy seminar, including:

• How To Get Into Property Investing For Less Than £4,000 (GBP) Start Up Capital.

• How To Gain Control Of A Property For Corporate Letting.

• Tenant Types: The 5 Profiles To Know.

• How To Build Systemised Business – Time Management Strategies

• Registering A Company Name Or As A Sole Trader / Websites And Business Cards

• Locating Your Goldmine Area

• Working With Letting Agents – How To Approach Them

• Staging The Property: Where To Find Cheap Furniture.

• Legal Requirements: Ast’s, Deposits & Legal Pack

• Managing The Property - The Techniques and Strategies Involved.

• Setting Your Goals
Bonuses Include:

• Spareroom Guide – How to advertise the rooms effectively (Including Advert Templates proven to work)

• Estate Agent Script

• Landlord Script – How to win over the landlord

• Property Viewing Checklist – What to look out for

• Income / Expenditure Spreadsheet

• Property Deal Analysis Spreadsheet

• Guarantor Form

• Standing Order Form

• Time Management Sheet

Peter Singh - Multi-Let Success Strategy

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