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......ARTICLE > Property Investment is Easier with Like Minded People!


This article is kindly provided by Mike Clarke


There are times when property investing can appear to be a lonely pursuit, as often close friends and even family don’t always understand or support the business practice of using property as a means to financial freedom. It is often said that property investors with a positive mindset should surround themselves with like minded people who do understand the challenges that property investment can sometimes provide and mix with people who are supportive when faced with multiple complexities surrounding completing property deals.

That is where property investor networking meetings and events become invaluable. Rachel and I were fortunate enough to attend the very first one day PIN National Conference at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham on Saturday 20th April and the experience was uplifting, enlightening and refreshing. We witnessed the real power of networking with like minded people sharing the same business pursuits as during a speed networking session there were deals being done, deals being saved and new contacts and friendships being made all around us.

One investor had what appeared to be a fantastic opportunity that was going pear shaped because of added financial complications affecting the property’s vendor. Within 30 seconds of speaking to someone who had been in a similar situation, the deal was back on and the investor had a new joint venture partner who had the experience and skill set to be able to make the deal even more profitable for both of them.

All around us there were people who you could physically see having those light bulb moments as questions that had been plaguing them were answered with simple strategies explained in such a way that all the irritating clutter was put into perspective and creative solutions were easy to understand.


The day was kicked off by Simon Gee who got the attendees whipped into an excited frenzy with his enthusiasm and drive and there was a very interesting and thought provoking presentation by experienced property investor Stewart Hale, who created a real buzz in the room, he explained how he had achieved his property investment goals and offered new and experienced property investors opportunities that could really change the tired property investment strategies used by many investors and it was all explained with a passion and clarity that was both inspirational and motivating.

Property investors had their comfort challenged by PIN founder Simon Zutshi when they were asked to examine their investment goals and current position in property investment and were then asked about their individual property competence. The revelations were astonishing; a simple question had many people floundering because they had no clear idea what exactly their individual skill sets and strengths were. However, when Simon explained the question further and described conscious and unconscious competence fully there were again many faces that lit up with recognition and the dawn of realisation. This one single personal revelation was the spark that some attendees needed as it challenged an investors comfort and helped them to progress their property investment mindset as well as taking their property investment businesses to the next level.

There was the opportunity to air property investment deals that were causing investors problems and Trushant Bodani, the Deal Doctor, analysed the figures and the complexities of property deals and offered advice and resources that would help bring the deals to fruition, even deals that would have previously been ignored as non profitable were resurrected with different approaches and strategies.

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During one of the many comfort breaks there were property investors engrossed in conversation with like minded people all around the venue and the atmosphere was fairly relaxed yet the air was charged with positivity. New friendships and business contacts were being made and property investment was at the forefront of everyone’s thinking.

The power of property networking should never be underestimated, the positive vibe created by the PIN National Conference will remain with those attendees for a long time, as the presentations were more in depth than what is usually witnessed at evening property networking events and the true value of the event was the power of mixing with others who share the same passion for property investment and the pursuit of financial freedom. Property networking provides a supportive environment for property investors that increases an individual’s property and business knowledge and being surrounded by like minded people reinforces the positive mindset so often overlooked by those who just don’t get what we do.
If you find that you are time poor and are not able to attend evening property networking events then we suggest that you join property investment forums such as PIN Academy and you will be able to mix with like minded people and have your burning property questions answered from the comfort of your own PC.

As a result of our attendance at the PIN National Conference, we are pleased to announce a number of high profile property investment educators will be providing and with some great new content that will help take your property investment to the next level.

There are other opportunities to attend Simon Zutshi’s PIN National Conferences later in the year and the next one will be held at Heathrow, London on 24th August 2013.




Simon Zutshi's pin academy

Get access to All of the pin meetings AND join a great community who will help and inspire all for one low monthly price JOIN THE pin ACADEMY NOW!

"Bringing together the best in on-line and off-line property networking and education in the UK"



About the Author

Mike Clarke

Mike is the director of MyProperty He has been investing since 2004 and owns property across the North West and the North East

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