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Article > Lease Options and Sellers – Who is Willing to Accept Your Option Offer?

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Article kindly supplied by

Mark Jackson


Lease options are powerful tools, but if you can’t find the sellers willing to work with you, and accept your option offer, you won’t benefit from them.

How can you find sellers willing to accept your option offer? What is the key? Motivated sellers are similar to moths being drawn to a flame. What was once appealing and attractive has now become a trap. The emotional cost and energy spent can be huge and they need to move on.

Motivated sellers – the power of emotion
Emotion is the mother of motivation, not logic. A situation which has become emotionally charged and draining needs resolving.

A Seller is motivated strongly when uncertainty or the fear of being trapped or unable to cope, or simply the desire to move on, becomes overpowering.
“Motivated” means the mind of the person you are talking to right now is full of how to sell the house. They need peace of mind, certainty and freedom. Lease Options are brilliant for giving that, allowing the homeowner to start enjoying life again. Motivated sellers will be attracted to your solution and do not need to be manipulated, persuaded or convinced. Lease options are a breath of fresh air!

Situations in which lease options really shine

There are various situations which cause motivated sellers to move on, but here are the four most important ones. As you consider them, think about those you know who might benefit from a lease option solution.

1. Financial difficulties
The stress created by the struggle to make ends meet, and the threat of repossession is enormous. Many sellers I talk to have difficulty covering the mortgage in the face of job loss, wage cuts or illness. They feel tied to a place which is stealing their life away. A house bought on emotion by those who could never really afford it quickly becomes insatiable in a falling market, like a cuckoo in a sparrow’s nest. Many have been burnt by a deal that initially looked brilliant when struck by a generous lender. People get tired, so tired, they just want to walk away. I like to point out that they can walk away… and keep their credit clean, or have it improved! The question – “Let’s imagine I’m able to help… would you be willing to sell the house for what you owe?” is often all that’s needed to get started.

2. Splitting up and lease options
Relationship breakdown is painful. It can be expensive too. People need closure. Trapped in a space filled with negative emotion and surrounded with triggers for painful memories, selling and moving out becomes a priority, a fire not a flame. Often it’s too expensive for one person to cover the costs of running a family home, adding another burning issue to the emotional one.

If you want to learn more about Lease Options and how they can help you on your path to financial freedom, get yourself along to the best training in the industry.

14th-15th May 2011 - Two day Learn Lease Options Live! Heathrow London

3. Letting blues and lease options – relief for tired landlords

It’s so easy to get burnt in property, especially if it’s not your profession. There are masses of motivated landlords trapped and waiting for dawn in the UK (remember the moth analogy?). Many of these have inherited a property and are trying to manage it part-time, on top of a full time job, which is actually very difficult. Helping other investors free themselves of property they now view as a burden can be a great pleasure.

What makes that true? Here are some factors to consider:

  • Investors want to let their property out
  • They often don’t have equity, so are not banking on a lump sum to move on.
  • A 60 month lease with a rental guarantee appeals to many landlords, especially tired ones
  • Knowing that the property will be fully maintained and insured gives peace of mind
  • The prospect of a future sale within the term of the option agreement means they can offset certain allowances against their liability


4. Lease options and relocation – giving freedom the seller wouldn’t otherwise have
There are many reasons why people need to move on. Learning to contact people who find themselves in similar situations is key to making your lease options business a success. Here are some of the most common motivating situations to look out for:

  • New job
  • Emigration
  • Retirement
  • Health issues
  • Family needs a bigger home
  • Cost of maintaining the current home becomes too high
  • New relationships means one home becomes surplus to requirements

Given a deadline, any one of these reasons can become pressing, so much so that the need to move on becomes a burning desire. Lease options can work brilliantly here!

Once you appreciate the situations which create powerful emotion that motivates, you are able to target your marketing and find or attract the right sellers easily.

  • Financial difficulties (use caution)
  • Changes in relationships (these can be positive also)
  • Tired landlords (many of them accidental)
  • Relocation (for many different reasons)

The real secret and skill, of course is to actually find people who feel trapped by these circumstances. How can you find them and help by working with them? Our acclaimed educational seminars have assisted many investors to do just that, and they are enjoying huge success with lease options. If we can help you have similar success with lease options, we will be delighted.


If you want to learn more about Lease Options and how they can help you on your path to financial freedom, get yourself along to the best training in the industry.

14th-15th May 2011 - Two day Learn Lease Options Live! Heathrow London

Imagine seeing £3,997 drop into your bank account in the next 29 days? Would that make a difference to you? Is it possible? Yes! So you know that Property Lease Options are revolutionising the way skilled investors are buying and selling property in the UK? And you’ve heard of Lease Options?

Lease Options, often called property options or property lease options, Rent to Buy – or Rent to Own and similar property investment strategies are surging in popularity. Why? Because they are so powerful. They leave conventional property investing methods stunned and standing.

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We personally do deals time and again using lease options, and so do those who use the strategies we teach… Join us and let us teach you!


We at MPPT, were fortunate enough to catch up with Wendy Patton and Mark Jackson. We asked Wendy & Mark a multitude of questions including...exactly how lease options worked in practice, if there were differences between how they were used in the UK and if things were different in the USA and most importantly we asked if investors could make money using options and more...




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