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Article > End of Tenancy Cleaning

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M & K Cleaning

Landlords across Britain often encounter problems when tenants vacate a property, either suddenly or at the scheduled end of a tenancy. The problem is that not all tenants are clean, tidy and respectful of the landlord`s property. Many leave a mess, while others create hygiene problems. Some even cause physical or structural damage to the house or flat.


Tenants often expect their deposits to be returned in full without exception upon expiry of a tenancy agreement, but landlords aim to take a proportion of this money to pay for property cleaning and repairs. This often causes problems between tenants and landlords. The situation is sometimes further complicated by the involvement of escrow deposit services, which are endorsed by the government. If landlords do not have full access to deposits, there may be delays in releasing sufficient funds to pay for all cleaning and repairs in time for the next tenant.

Another issue is that some restorative measures cost more than the deposit. This is a loss that landlords usually have to be willing to accept every so often, as not all costs are recoverable from the tenant.



End of Tenancy Cleaning

Regardless of whether the money for cleaning has come from the tenant`s deposit or the landlord`s back pocket, the service is essential for ensuring a smooth transition from one tenant to the next; in fact, end of tenancy cleaning can even help to attract a better class of tenant, thus reducing the burden on the landlord in the future. Good tenants do not usually leave much of a mess, but good tenants can be difficult to find initially.

Messy tenants invariably vacate properties without tidying them, but this class of tenant does not usually cause much of a problem for landlords. A messy house can be tidied in a few hours or less. Unclean tenants, however, have the capacity to cause much greater damage. Stains, infestations and plumbing-related issues can be difficult to rectify, but professional end of tenancy cleaning services are used to dealing with such problems. Hoarders can also create problems, but regular inspection of a property should identify this issue before it becomes unmanageable.

Careless or inconsiderate tenants tend to cause the most damage. A careless tenant might forget to report a problem with the central heating or a leaking pipe, thereby allowing problems such as mould, damp and rot to take hold. Inconsiderate tenants might not think twice about drilling into walls every Sunday or letting the garden grow into a jungle.



Some tenants have even been known to knock down non-supporting walls towards the end of their tenancy agreements (presumably as part of a plan to redecorate the property). All of these problems can be made worse when the rented accommodation is furnished, so cleaning firms should be chosen that are able to clean all types of surface, from metal and plaster to laminate and upholstery.

Landlords always benefit from hiring professionals to clean a property between tenants, even if the property has been vacated in relatively good condition. The most obvious advantage of choosing a firm such as M & K Cleaning is that the house or flat would be made immaculate. A smart, tidy and hygienic property can be put on the market at the top price, which would likely attract professional people who simply want to live in clean, comfortable accommodation.



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