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Jim Halliburton HMO Daddy



Article kindly supplied by Jim Haliburton


Property investment is not difficult, I compare it to used car dealing except the figures are larger, the strategy is different and it is much easier. Property is less complicated than cars and the longer you keep property the more valuable it becomes unlike cars which usually depreciate. However, whilst you are waiting for your property to increase in value, you have to live and cash flow is essential especially when property prices are going nowhere, you need to cover your costs.

I believe that HMO’s outperform the property market and so I have come up with the following unproven statistics acquired from observation of the HMO market. Take a building, for example, a large house, and turn it into a HMO with a minimum of five units, the HMO being developed over the years to maximise its full potential as a HMO then the following HMO Daddy rules apply:


1. Rule of Twenty
fter twenty years the original purchase price of the property which is then converted into a HMO will equal or thereabouts the gross rent. For example, a house purchased in 1991 for £30K will produce a rent of about £30K per annum today as a HMO.

2. Rule of Forty Ten
After forty years a house purchased and turned into a HMO then the gross rent per annum will be about ten times the purchase price. For example, a house purchased in 1971 for £4K will produce a rent today of about £40,000 per annum as a HMO.

3. Rule of Three
A HMO grosses about three times the income of the same property let as a single unit.


Note: You need to spend a considerable amount of money over the years improving and keeping your property up to standard to achieve these returns.

Be clear about why you are investing in property and remember why when things get tough as they will. Most people want financial independence. How much money will give you financial independence? It is generally accepted that a million pounds would not be too far off the mark. So how do you get a million quid? Borrow the money to buy a million pounds of property today and apply the rules above and wait for the property value to increase and in the meantime get a good income from rental. HMO’s give a substantially greater income compared to single lets so you should easily be able to repay any mortgages or loans


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Jim Haliburton HMO Daddy

Jim Haliburton

Jim Haliburton began buying property in 1992 and letting them to students, organising or doing the work on the property himself. Jim now owns over 86 HMO's / Multi-Lets with over 500 tenants. On top of this he has about 20 houses and flats which are let as single-lets plus several development projects in progress.



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