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Article > Investing During the Credit Crunch

Article kindly provided by

Jim Vann
Finance Expert and Investor

If you want to invest in property but are too scared of the credit crunch, then you should educate yourself more on the subject which will help alleviate some of the fears and concerns you are having.

Even with all the bad news and media coverage, there are a lot of people still making money from property and in a bad market it is the perfect time to buy property well below market value.

For many people around the World, property investing is a life long dream. Often the uncertainties of the property market together with the struggle to make ends meet, has a lot of potential Investors sitting it out on the side lines for much too long. A lot of potential property Investors have become so worried about their financial situation and the up's and downs of the property market that they may never bother to invest. Is this you? You really need to get off the fence and get into the Property Investment game!

Many people think you have to be rich, incredibly rich, or crazy to risk investing in property. The truth is, you don't need to be any of these things. What you do need is a property investment system that is built for people that simply want to increase their income, without having to assume one ounce of risk.

You need to invest using the numbers!

Stop hoping or expecting capital appreciation! The main rule in the property investment game, if you want to be safe, is cash flow. Make sure your No. 1 Rule is investing for a good cashflow. If you stick to this one rule, you will win the property investing game.


If you do not have good cash flow i.e. 30% of your rent money left over each month after paying your mortgage utility bills and other expenses, then you could end up in financial trouble as, there is no room for maneuvering. If interest rates go up or expenses on your property/properties rise, you could end up losing a lot of money because appreciation will not pay your mortgages or expenses. The more properties you own in a negative cash flow situation, the bigger this problem gets. So, financial education is imperative if you want to be successful in property investing in a short space of time.

What with all the doom and gloom of the credit crunch, many people are too scared to invest in property. However, if you can find a property that is well below market value, then this could be the best time to buy. When the herd is running scared, successful investors are still buying right now and so should you!

What are you waiting for now is the time go out and find those deals!




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