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Article > Why More than 50% of UK Rental Tenants feel 'Ripped Off'

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A poll conducted recently in the UK has revealed that a massive percentage of tenants feel that they have been ripped off by private landlords and letting agents. With more people now renting privately than ever before, the worrying results of the survey could have profound implications for private landlords across the country.

The Facts and Figures

When questioned as to why they felt they'd been 'ripped off' by their landlord or letting agency, participants in the survey gave a number of reasons. The most common reason given by dissatisfied tenants was a failure to get necessary repairs done to the property, with more than half of the interviewees (53%) complaining about this. 47% also complained about long delays in getting repairs done as well. Other complaints put forward by disgruntled tenants included a non-refund of their tenancy deposit or bond (37%), unreasonable or unjustified deductions from their tenancy deposit (25%), unreasonable or unwarranted increases in rent (23%) and being given unfair and inflated charges or fees at the beginning of their tenancy.

Tenants Have Every Right to Complain

Survey spokesman Ian Williams offered a fairly diplomatic response to the data, saying that “while many more of us are happy to live in rented accommodation, this survey suggests that at certain points in time, we can be less than happy with the service provided by landlords and their agents.” He did however, go on to point out that “the biggest driver of dissatisfaction is the failure or timeliness of getting repairs done. If you are left without heating or hot water, for example, you have every right to expect the landlord or their agent to get it fixed promptly.”

Take a Leaf Out of Homelet's Book

In addition to the problems regarding repairs and unnecessary charges, a growing number of private tenants have also reported that they face eviction by their landlord, even though their rent is complete and up to date. What all of this suggests is that landlords are taking advantage of people at a time when rental properties are becoming increasingly popular, if not essential for low-income earners. More than anything, landlords should take a leaf out of Homelet's book and read their simple and concise article “5 Ways to Make Your Tenant Want to Stay”. Because if they don't change their approach through the advice given there, they could well be without tenants in a very short period of time.


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