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Article > 10 Tips to Get your Property Rented


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Having a property rented out is great – so what can you do to ensure that it gets rented out even faster? Of course by enlisting the help of a good letting agent such as Garabys in Wokingham should be number one in your priorities – but before someone comes to view the property, there are certain things that you can do to make that prospective new tenant feel right at home.

1. Get cleaning!

It may sound obvious, but a prospective tenant might easily be put off by a dirty kitchen worktop, and certainly by an unclean bathroom. So don the rubber gloves and pay attention to those areas. Kitchens and bathrooms should sparkle! Make sure that tiles and work surfaces are gleaming, and don’t forget the grouting too.

2. Lighting
Lighting can make or break a room – so make the most of mood lighting. Open curtains for extra light during the day – and ensure that evening lighting is warm and welcoming. Make it appropriate for each room as far as possible – bright and airy in the kitchen and bathroom… and perhaps a little more subdued in the living room and bedrooms.

3. Leaks
A prospective tenant can spot a leaking tap a mile off – and they want to know that you pay attention to small details. Fix those taps, and if possible get some new modern ones which can bring a kitchen or bathroom up to date quickly.

4. Clear the clutter
Try to keep rooms as clear of clutter as possible. If you can, then it’s a good idea to store boxes etc off the premises.

5. Smells
Be aware of unwanted smells. Make the use of pot pourri or air fresheners to avoid smells of damp, stuffiness or pets.

6. Lick of paint
If your budget can stretch to it… then do not underestimate the power of a good lick of paint. The interior and exterior will instantly look more appealing, fresher, and cleaner for potential tenants. Do remove all old flakes or fungus before applying though, to ensure that it lasts longer.

7. Keep it neutral
Those deep purple walls with bright green carpet may have been your favourite thing at one time – but tastes very. So give all walls a lick of paint in a pale neutral colour, and the same goes for carpets. keep them simple and plain wherever possible. Potential tenants want to be able to see their own mark on the place – so don’t deprive them of that opportunity.

Would you live here?!
No? - Nor would your
Tenants so make the
property nice!

8. Presentation
Dress the property. A vase of fresh flowers in the communal areas… a bowl of fruit in the kitchen. Little touches like this can bring the home to life – making people want to rent your property.

9. Don’t forget the outside areas
If your property has a garden, keep it as well maintained as possible… pathways should be kept weed-free, and watch those overgrowing shrubs. Keep lawns cut back alongside pathways and driveways.

10. Check, double check, and triple check
Don’t forget to give your property a final once over before somebody comes for a viewing. First impressions count for everything – so don’t miss the opportunity.
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Garabys Letting Agent is a property management and letting agency that works hard for you in providing a lettings service to landlords, and a rental service to tenants.




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