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Article > Bringing Vinyl Flooring Out of the [Bathroom] Closet

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Time was, not so long ago, that vinyl flooring was very much the cheap, cheerful sister to the far more glamourous and desirable wood-laminate and stone tile floor. Until recently, people often associated vinyl floors with that rather naff bit of lino in their grandparents’ flat. Vinyl floors were only ever considered acceptable in bathrooms or kitchens. But times have changed since manufacturers such as Amtico have revolutionised vinyl flooring.

Premium quality vinyl floor tiles are now an appealing alternative to the “authentic” wood or stone floor, and home owners and property investors are now embracing vinyl into the heart of their living rooms, entrance halls and study areas. Chelmsford Amtico Flooring Specialist Patrick Fay from the Essex based Fay Flooring explains why…

“It’s really quite simple, the vinyl tiles we stock and install from Amtico use state-of-the-art printing and embossing techniques so the tiles look incredibly authentic. They basically combine the beauty and quality of a wood or stone floor, but with the benefits of easy cleaning and maintenance, performance, durability and greater affordability.”

Beautiful Vinyl Flooring
Gone are the days of the cheap plastic vinyl floors. Amtico flooring tiles are designed and produced to the very highest standards and are available in an ever-expanding selection of patterns, shades and textures; ranging from stone (as featured in Real Homes Magazine) and wood to fresh and unique alternatives such as metallic bronze or linen. This incredible range allows the home owner to find a stunning flooring solution to perfectly complement their furnishings and help bring out the mood and character of their room.

Designed for the modern home
Stone and wood floors can look fabulous but can be incredibly noisy to walk on. The constant clattering and banging is especially a problem in properties which have young children or in apartments. Modern Amtico floor tiles are designed to absorb the impact and noise of the modern home and furthermore, they feel warm and comfortable to walk on at any time of year.

Durable and easy to maintain
Wood, stone or carpeted floors, usually require special treatments to keep them clean and in good condition. Stone floors can chip easily, wood can easily swell and warp if damp, and a carpeted floor can be a recipe for disaster in homes with pets or children. “Modern homeowners don’t want to have to worry about these issues,” explains Patrick Fay “The Amtico flooring we use is so easy to clean and is certainly tough enough to deal with the rigours of a busy home or workplace”.

With manufacturers such as Amtico creating such well-designed and desirable flooring, maybe it’s time for property investors and homeowners to welcome the vinyl renaissance. Patrick Fay will be happy to answer any queries about Amtico or vinyl flooring.


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