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Article> The 7 Forces of Achievement

Article kindly provided by Duane Alley

We are “achieving” all the time; in fact, everything we accomplish (or don’t) is an achievement of sorts. There was some action or inaction that created the result as it stands. So it stands to reason then we are very “successful” at “achieving” exactly what we are getting now. Why is it then that so many times we’re NOT happy with our “achievements” and we certainly DON’T see them as successes?

Simple – because it’s not what we wanted…

Studying success alone or aiming to achieve in and of itself is not the answer to being happier with what we are getting in life. Getting what we want to get IS.

If we are so good at achieving then, there must be something else missing in what we are doing that would lead us to creating the results we want and the success we desire.


When I work with Personal Clients or in Business Coaching, I work through a systematic approach to creating the achievements they want using what I call “The 7 Forces of Achievement”. Each factor exerts a force on the ultimate outcome, shaping it in the design ultimately sought. Knowing what these “forces” are is important, getting them in the right order and sequence is CRITICAL AND understanding how to control and use them is ESSENTIAL to your ultimate success.

I see so many people wasting their energy on attempting to achieve when having an appreciation of what’s truly needed would help them get it faster and easier than imagined. Below is an excerpt from the COACHING CLIENT MANUAL I work throguh with my Private Clients and I want you to have the information now so you can use it to help you achieve your Dreams.


More correctly called “Highly Valued Criteria”, they are like the Performance Appraisal sheet for life or any aspect of it. The more we get to “check the boxes” here the better we perceive our life or achievements in a particular area of life (for example, Business). Not understanding what our Values are or ensuring our Goals are aligned (and actually are developed from) our Values is the key reason people fail to achieve their stated desires.


Many people confuse OUTCOMES with GOALS. They use the words interchangeably and that’s a mistake. Think of OUTCOMES as the “life that comes out of the achievement of the Goal”. People do not actually want the goal as such; rather it is the “Life After Goal” that is coveted. When “board breaking” it is essential you aim beyond the target rather than at it. The same is in play with Goal Achievement. Just aiming at what will get us there keeps us caught before goal as does aiming at only achieving the goal. It is critical we set our goal achievement “sites” on the OUTCOME of the goal achievement and therefore make the Goal just the necessary deliverable in order to create that life. There are a number of techniques used in Performance Coaching to ensure our full power is focused on this OUTCOME or Life After Goal (for example – Vision Mapping).


Thankfully this one is well known. It’s the thing that we are setting out to achieve – it is important to remember though GOALS are the gateways to OUTCOME and nothing more. The way we phrase, imagine and set Goals is critical though in order to do out best to ensure their success (for example – Conscious Goal Imaging).


Establishing in the outset the REWARD for achievement will create even more propulsion toward achievement both consciously and unconsciously. It is more than just setting out some tokens though. The important step here is to establish a strong linkage between REASON (Outcome) / RESULT (Goal) and REWARD / CELEBRATION. In doing this we create a powerful positive association to not only the achievement but also the actions necessary to create the result.


A Goal without Action is a dream just as much as Action without STRATEGY is wasted. Think of it like a captain of a ship closing his eyes and hoping for the best before setting sail… sure, the boat might get where it was supposed to go and there is a far greater chance it won’t. It is critical to ensure What to do, When and How to do it is decided, crafted and planned in advance of any Action being taken.


If you polish every weakness you have till it becomes a strength you’ll end up grinding away the diamond. We all have great stregnths and it is to those we play our best game. Equally, others have stregnths in areas we don’t. With so many people and paths are available to us today to contact and utilise the expertise of others it is an essential element of the “new economy” to do so. LEVERAGE here refers to how you can create the maximum impact with the minimal output. Building a Team around you has never been easier – if you know the right things to do to make it happen. When people are focussed on what they love and appreciate the most they will continue to do a more efficient and effective job.


With all the other Forces in place it comes time to take ACTION. Right ACTION, right time, right place. And to be held accountable to the promises you make yourself and others. At time of Action it is important not only to take the steps…we also have to ensure we are held accountable to the promised action and result – that’s where the true power of Coaching comes into play.

If you have any questions about this article or the exercises, please contact my office at

Green Lights and Full Cups everyday


Duane Alley


About the Author

Duane Alley
Speaker | Trainer | Author | Coach

Duane Alley spent the first 15 years of his professional life working with some of the biggest and fastest growing retail and franchise businesses in the country; he then spent 5 years as Head Trainer & Coach for one of the biggest Personal Development companies on the planet.

He has combined his extensive experience from the business world in delivering real world results with his success and study of personal development, rapid human change and shifting consciousness.

As a Master Trainer, Author, Speaker and Performance Coach he now works with businesses and entrepreneurs quickly and easily improve their businesses and make more money and with individuals, couples and families to make simple changes and take small steps to live better lives day by day.



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