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Article> More Information is NOT the Answer

Article kindly provided by Duane Alley


Beliefs – Behaviours – Results

More and more people (services givers, information professionals, teachers, trainers and coaches) are entering the market or shifting focus to offer business, money-wealth and financial programs. They are selling the opportunity of the opportunity.

And it’s definitely needed.

The world has been guided through a massive financial/economic shift (some would say correction) and it is still enduring the effects. People wanted and still want direction and help with their career, money, wealth & business. People value that information and it is valuable. We are drawn toward and act on what we feel is valuable to us at any given time; and those “values” spring up in part from what we perceive as missing and needed in our lives.

Money, strategy & direction have definitely been absent for a lot of people over the last few years. Information like this made sense as it provided a big part of the answers people were seeking.

As we move toward one of the most exciting and essential times in known history many people are realizing we have needs for more than information.

The First Lesson from Science

Quantum Physics has proved we are essentially energetic beings. We know this now (although we have known this before) – many traditions have held this belief in the past. The quote, “we are spiritual beings having a physical experience” is well known.

Understanding this has never been more important than now. Information has never been enough – it is simply a part of a grander equation necessary for our “physical experience”. Information alone will not create the results desired – neither tangible nor intangible.


A Lesson from an Older “Science

There is an ancient principle (some call it an Alchemical axiom) that:

Knowledge through Transformation becomes Wisdom

This can be said in another way:

Information x Experience = Belief

Again, science has proven what has been known (and thought lost); that we create the world we perceive as physical and “real” around us from within us. The world is not really the way we experience it to be but rather we create the experience of the world around us.

Our Beliefs drive our behaviours and actions that build the world around us; and our Beliefs (as discovered above) are a direct result of the information we take in and Experiences we have.

So… interesting… how do you use this?



Right now – list out the BEHAVIOURS you are not happy with or wish to change in your life.

Ask yourself, “What must I be believing in order to act (or behave) this way?”

Then, “How do I want to act or behave instead?”

Finally, “What can I believe that would allow me to act or behave this way instead?”



If you have any questions about this article or the exercises, please contact my office at

Green Lights and Full Cups everyday


Duane Alley


About the Author

Duane Alley
Speaker | Trainer | Author | Coach

Duane Alley spent the first 15 years of his professional life working with some of the biggest and fastest growing retail and franchise businesses in the country; he then spent 5 years as Head Trainer & Coach for one of the biggest Personal Development companies on the planet.

He has combined his extensive experience from the business world in delivering real world results with his success and study of personal development, rapid human change and shifting consciousness.

As a Master Trainer, Author, Speaker and Performance Coach he now works with businesses and entrepreneurs quickly and easily improve their businesses and make more money and with individuals, couples and families to make simple changes and take small steps to live better lives day by day.



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