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Article > Is your Below Market Value Property Search Structurally Sound?

Article kindly supplied by

Peter Courtney-Fitch, Connect-UK

Connect UK, Richmond House, 105 High Street
Crawley, West Sussex , RH10 1DD
01293 529993

There would seem many ways to seek out seemingly fantastic below market value property deals in today’s BMV market. However, who is working with you to source the best real value deals? And yes, we do literally mean ensuring that the roof on your desired property is not leaking or that the walls on your ‘bargain buy’ are not crumbling away! Of course, you will do your own due diligence before investing, although knowing that it has already gone through stringent checks is reassuring and you can’t put a price on peace of mind.

The ‘market’ has proved to challenge even the hardiest of investor if you don’t know the source of your produce. We have all done it at the fruit and vegetable stall on the high street... We’re drawn in by the calls of the market vendor presenting their wares as the cheapest around town. Yet, when you get home and actually look at what you bought, it is more a like a bag of rotten eggs than a peachy purchase! You have got to be able to talk to someone who adds value and has your best interests at heart.

As a serious investor you need experts to guide you through the maze of ‘unbeatable offers’ out there that promise a great deal, but deliver nothing like! Get away from the market stall vendor and look for a warm welcome from a business that understands investor’s needs. Each BMV property must be subjected to meticulous procedures to ensure the deal is sound and deliver investment property with real value in terms of yield and purchase price.

Look to source a team of both residential and financial professionals that provide an experienced management platform focused purely on credible property investors associated with the residential BMV markets. Through solid relationships within a nationwide network of sourcing agents we are able to provide a single coherent offering to all private investors.

Matt O’Halloran, Head of the Investment team, comments: “The UK is recovering from the realignment of residential value since 2007 which has meant investors now demand far greater input from our services in order to create value and real returns.

We take pride in sourcing and supplying properties with real value in terms of high yield and purchase price to all registered investors throughout the UK. We supply information on the latest listed properties at auctions, discounted new build, BMV and properties in possession (repossession) throughout UK.”

Every serious investor needs sound financial advice; getting the right independent financial advisors who can provide bespoke financial packages tis crucial, whether they are a first time prospector or an established portfolio investor.

Remember the saying: “Finders keepers... you know the rest. Don’t end up crying in the High Street with a rotten bag! Make sure you get the right advice and connect to the right people.

If you are a serious property investor and looking for property deals in term of price and yield, you can advantage of Connect-UK’s free on-line membership.

You will have access to auction properties across UK, including repossessions, below market value properties and for the larger investors amongst you, large residential portfolios for sale.

“Start your membership today and make your investment pay”

Connect UK The Investors Agent


Connect UK The Investors Agent



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Connect UK The Investors Agent

Connect UK offers a large selection of repossessions and BMV properties to all serious investors, which are usually between 10-35% discounted to current market value, achieving rental yields of 7-12% depending on location.

Connect UK is recognised as Britain’s leading expert organisation in sourcing real value properties in terms of yield and purchase price. We have been working with some of UK’s most successful property investors by sourcing and supplying their most lucrative property investment over the past 20 years.

1000’s of property investors receive our list of investment opportunities every month hence we are renowned for our expertise in sourcing and supplying real value deals to all investors across UK.

What gives Connect UK their unique edge, is their ability to add real value to investor’s property portfolio.

Our services include:

1) Sourcing and supply real value deals in terms of high yield and purchase price.

2) Supplying information on the latest listed properties at auctions, new build, BMV repossessions. We work with 100's of auctioneers supplying 1000's of properties per month.

3) Lettings and property management is an essential part of any investment strategy and organisation. Having more than 20 years experience in the investment business, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile.

4) Our in-house independent financial advisor provides suitable financial package to all our investors.

Connect UK
Richmond House
105 High Street
Crawley , West Sussex
RH10 1DD

01293 529993

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