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Article > Does Shelter Think All Landlords Are Rogues!?

Article kindly provided by Bobby Gill

"Scams involving Landlords". "Shelter really do a good job showing 'Rogue' landlords taking advantage of vulnerable (desperate) tenants".

With PR like this though, no wonder people think landlords are out to take advantage of tenants and are all unscrupulous.

What kind of person would want to rent a property like this anyway, someone vulnerable or someone who didn't care and found it acceptable?

Also, who would stay in one where jobs didn't get done and repairs made at all.

What would happen if this showed how tenants behaved?

Do you think Shelter would be happy with the honesty?

Bad landlords are put on lists at councils and I'm aware of a couple of new sites where you can upload information of bad tenants that could become popular in future, such as Rogue Tenants beware...

I've spoken to many professional and high profile landlords/presenters that don't think Shelter do a good PR job with respect to landlords. After all, who does Shelter think will house homeless people if the landlords don't?



Companies that help people get housing need to work WITH landlords to ensure problems like this don't occur - and they also need to make sure tenants aren't irresponsible either and not protect them when they are clearly abusing a property or the landlord.

Take a look at this facebook page NetRent to see pictures of what Rogue Tenants do to properties. Maybe landlords should make videos showing this!?

If you are a landlord then you can start by making sure you are a good landlord and that your property is fit to rent. Keep up with maintenance and repairs - because groups like Shelter do a lot of negative press for you, it means you have to deliver beyond what someone would expect. But hey, at least it gives you the opportunity to shine compared to those few landlords that may be featured in adverts like this.

It's the minority (on either side) that ruin it for everyone else!

Don't be in the minority and set a good example to other landlords and tenants on how a property business should be run and a home should be looked after.


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For those of you that know Bobby Gill, no introduction is necessary.

For those of you that don't - Bobby has been on the property scene for 10 years.
He has always had his ear to the ground and been ready to help those with less experience. If you're familiar with Parmdeep Vadesha's Tycoon Forum, he was a big contributor there. He has covered (and has personal experience) in renting, auctions, letting and estate agents, HMO's, student lets, Banking, Solicitors, Bank Receivers to name a few areas of property.

He likes to learn about and get immersed in various subjects and has more recently been involved in social media, wealth creation and personal development events.

He doesn't claim to be an expert or guru but does have a lot of knowledge in various areas. He's also not afraid to voice his opinion or speak the truth - so whether people agree with him or not, you can be sure he will say it as it is.

Bobby Gill will be writing for MPPT to provide you with an alternative viewpoint on what you hear at all the seminars.


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