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Article > 2012 Market Update

Article kindly supplied by Alan Forsyth

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Hope you are well – and have had a good 2011!

Here at Property Secrets we have had our busiest year for 5 years, and sourced over 500 properties for clients – as w well as increasing our own portfolios.

So how do we see 2012 for property investors?

We end 2011 pretty strongly cconsidering the doom and gloom all around us economically, with house prices, according to Nationwide; going up 0.4% in November to £16 65,798 and mortgages at a 2 year high.

When looking at how we pred dict house price trends for 2012, there are 4 kkey influences to review – that will have the ma ajor influences on house prices in the UK.

1. Supply of finance/creddit and at what interest rates – easily availabble credit leads to prices rising – and is m more likely to lead to an unrealistic growth in prices. When credit is less easily available theen prices can stay flat or even go down.

2. Employment – clearly if people are not in employment it is much harder for them to get a mortgage, and if people are concerned about their employment prospects they are less likely to commit to a move, or to take on a bigger mortgage – which can lead to prices falling or staying flat. A buoyant employment market can le lead to price rises.

3. Supply and demand of new properties – clearly if the supply outw weighs demand, this can mean the average price drops. Vice versa if supply is lower than demand this puts upward pressure on prrices. So the supply of new properties coming on the market in 2012 can make a significant difference to the values of property. Likewise the demand will clearly make a big difference and the size of the population and whether this grows or reduces clearly can impact house price levels.

4. Alternative Investments – the performance of other investments will have an impact on the property investment market – as if investors can see strong returns in the stock market, or via other investment vehicles, more funds shall go into these rather than the property market. On the flip side when alternative investments show unreliable returns more people will invest in bricks and mortar.

Let’s look at each of these individually ...

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